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  • 5/6/22 Evenacht Snake's Den Chapter 3: Escape is Live!
    Read here
  • 4/26/22 Evenacht Theme Song now available!
    Evenacht theme now available! Listen here:  
  • 4/22/22 EVENACHT IS LIVE!!!
    Check out Chapters 1 and 2 here.
  • 4/16/22 One week to go!!!
    Evenacht goes live Friday, April 22!   Dark fantasy serial, bi-weekly release of chapters, by 2:00 PM PST.
  • 4/6/22 Evenacht Map
    Initial map done! Check it out here

Evenacht cover
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Evenacht, a Sensour evening land, a place ghosts congregate and explore that which life denied them. The deadlands herald a new and exciting beginning for those who wish to take advantage of the opportunity.   But the Evenacht is not for all. Erse Parr judges the dead, rends the spirits of those found wanting, and sends their heads to the Fields of the UnRedeemed. They sit in an earthen divot for years, centuries, sometimes millennia, suffering punishment until a Finder Chooses them and they quest to find their sundered essence. Once united with their body parts, the Condemned are free to join the Evenacht without restriction.   Spirits suffering millennia find the assumptions of Redemption simplistic lies. Laken is one. When Vantra Chooses him to Redeem, he doubts her success, for too many failed before her. Some Condemned, like himself, are UnRedeemable.   Vantra, an acolyte of the Finders, discovers her first Choice is anything but welcome. Her mentor even attempts to send her to the final death, rather than see her Redeem Laken. How can she Redeem her Chosen without the support typically granted Finders?   She must decide, how far she will go, to Redeem the UnRedeemable.

How far
would you go
to Redeem
the unRedeemable
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