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Evenacht: Greenglimmer

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What price, Redemption?
  Greenglimmer, a dark and secretive part of the Elfiniti Rainforest, initially opens its arms to Vantra, Laken, and the mini-Joyful.
  However, the port city, Selaserat, hides more than local corruption. Vantra, completing a favor for the Snake, asks after a missing friend and discovers he is not the only Sun acolyte to disappear from the local temples. The mini-Joyful finds out the local library's Finder-oriented texts are gone, and the Aristarsian quarter has suffered under burglaries targeting ghosts with known friendships with Qira. The disappearances and thefts coincided with the arrival of a mysterious Finder band claiming they conducted research for a Redemption, but the intrusive questions sat ill with those they spoke with.
  The Finders' are not only a thorn in the city's side, but they have punctured and freed the angry hate that swirls in smaller, living communities who have, for eons, resented ghostly presences in the Elfiniti. Revenge-filled raids on farms and villages in the outskirts of Selaserat make searching for Laken's second essence more dangerous than expected. The disturbing misinformation the captured raiders spout as the reason for their attacks hints at a long-standing deception poisoning their relationship with anything spirit-y.
  Katta and Qira fear ex-deity Rezenarza has had a hand in undermining relations and sowing discontent. Kjaelle disagrees and points to an elfine from her past. Yeralis is angry, underhanded, and rich enough to pay others to cause harm in revenge for the slights he suffered at the hands of Selaserat's leaders.
  On top of the local difficulties, the mini-Joyful's rainforest fears come to fruition. The maze of plants, having grown and changed in the thousand years since Lorgan's last visit, has rendered his notes on landmarks and pathways through the trees obsolete. While this will inhibit their Knights of the Finders enemies from finding Laken's sundered essence, it also hinders them. The Sun Oracle, Machella, sends Bade├žasyon techs to help in the search, claiming to have seen the future, but Vantra despairs they will not discover Laken's right arm before the Knights abscond with it.
  Nothing is as it seems, in Greenglimmer, the second book in the Evenacht dark fantasy serial.
  Evenacht: Snake's Den Book 1, is available to read here at World Anvil Manuscripts.
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