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Anthinea was an ancient kingdom of the Triton people in the Golden Sea. It spanned most of the sea, encompassing tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of individuals. It's assumed that during the War of Fate the Tritons and their settlements have been destroyed, as none of them have been seen since.  
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You often hear this old country called the "Kingdom of Anthinea", but that's based on a misunderstanding. You see, for outsiders, it looked like the same family was ruling the country for ages, but that wasn't because they were royalty. Anthinea chose their ruler by their magical powers - the most powerful mage ruling their people. Tritions drew their magic from their bloodline, so more often than not, the children of the ruler were the most powerful mages of their generation.
— A historian researching the triton people
  Anthinea was a mageocracy, choosing their leader by their magical powers. The exact ritual and ways for them to detect the most powerful individual are unknown today. It's assumed that some sort of contest or challenge had to take place.  
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