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Viper's Home

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Some people would argue that we are exploiting these people, but that's not true. We bring them wealth and prosperity. Without us, they could afford nothing they can't find on their shitty island. We bring them gold and jewelry, and in return they give us products that don't have any value to them. But those plants and resources can't be found anywhere else, which makes for a nice profit.
— A merchant of Protreni


A few Serpentfolk half-bloods live within the outpost, and act as mediators between the Serpentfolk tribes on the Island and the Merchants from Protreni. Over all, less than a hundred people live within Viper's Home at any point, and less than a dozen live here permanently.   During the summer months, the heavy rain season of the island makes the area incredibly hostile to all non-native people, and Protreni mostly abandons the outpost during that time. During those months, just a few Half-blood Serpentfolk stay here and try to protect the structures from the worst damages.

Industry & Trade

Viper's Home is the only harbour and trading post on the entire island. The Tribes of the Serpent come here to trade plants and other materials that they cultivate from the island, for gold, iron and weapons. One of the most valuable trading good coming from here is a rare powder, called Crimson Cinders.   Those deep crimson leaves have not much value to the local people, but are highly thought after by many people all over Teldora for their medical and not so legal appliances. The art of cultivating those plants is a well kept secret by the Serpentfolk and trading with them is the only way to get your hands on this resource.


Even if the settlement has been built over a thousand years ago, it still resembles a primitive and temporary outpost. The Serpentfolk tribes are highly unpredictable, and not even an alliance between two tribes holds for long, even less an alliance with a foreign city. Because of that, the outpost has been destroyed countless times, and Protreni was forced to retreat and abandon it, just to rebuild it a few months later and continue the trade.


Over time, a few more permanent structures formed, like the harbour and its quay walls, which have existed in some form since the first time trade happened with the Serpentfolk. Other than that, most buildings are made of wood and clay, and are not made to last for more than half a year.
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