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Misty Waters

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The Misty Waters is the ocean between the continents of Teldora and Erea. It's bordered by the Arm of Torrus in the north and merges with the Dragon Tides in the south. At it's most narrow point it spans nearly 1,000 km and it reaches depths of multiple thausand kilometers.   Hundreds of little islands exist within the Misty Waters, and many of them have stayed undiscovered even until today. The biggest islands, like the Burning Isles or Kathal'Dir tend to exist near the continents.   Before the War of Fate the Arm of Torrus connected the two continents, making it impossible for ships to enter the Freezing Sea in the north. Back then ships had to travel around either continent or through the River Network coming out of the Silver Lake. Now, even if the traversal of the shattered isles is rather dangerous, it makes trade towards the north way easier.  

Weather & Climate

The weather and climate changes dramatically across the Misty Waters. The Golden Sea in the west is often pleagued by mist and fog, while most of the eastern parts have to deal with strong storms. Traversing the Misty Waters can take 1-4 weeks depending on weather conditions.
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