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Ashroot is the biggest settlement on the Burning Isles and home to the only deep-water harbour of the island chain. Heavily fortified, and protected by the Kingsfleet of the Kemoth and the Joined Fleet of the Golden Coast, it is the last save harbour before heading into the expanse of the Misty Waters.  

Infrastructure & Defenses

The harbour of Ashroot is deep enough for even the biggest trading vessels. While nowhere close in size to the harbours of the great cities, it can still easily hold docents of ships. The settlement itself sits above the harbour on top of a little cliff and is surrounded by a thick wall. From there cannons are aimed towards the entrances of the harbour, ready to defend it should the need arise.   Other than the harbour, the settlement mostly consists of depots, warehouses, supply shops and taverns. Only a couple hundred people live here permanently, but thausands of sailors come through here every month.  


The town might be one of the oldest towns on the island. Its location in the center of the island chain protects it from the worst storms and offers an easily defendable position. It's unclear when the town was founded, but many Kemoth believe it to be thousands of years old.   The first records of Ashroot date back to the later years of the Age of Arcanum, when the newly founded Confederation of the Golden Coast began looking for trading partners in the east. Ashroot was the optimal place to establish a trading outpost for ships heading towards the east and because of the incredibly fertile land on Korgutar the Kemoth can easily help restock trading vessels before heading out into the Misty Waters.   About 300 years ago, Ashroot became the main ground of the Kemoth War. Tensions between the rich and fertile Korgutar and the barren islands in the south escalated. For nearly half a decade, Ashroot changed ownership nearly every other month and most ships heading to Ashroot were destroyed on sight. In the end, the Kemoth and the Confederation came to an agreement, and the conflict ended. With the help of the Confederation, Ashroot was rebuilt and is now even more fortified than before.
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Ruling/Owning Rank
The Golden Coast
The Golden Coast is a narrow strip of land wedged between the Mountains of Roxtoi and the Golden Sea. It ranges from the Arm of Torrus in the north, all the way down to the Ferozabay in the south. It is mostly controlled by the Confederation of the Golden Coast, which consists of the four major cities in the region Okodranous, Prevena, Protreni and Lirca and a couple of island nations.  
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