Emporium Exortique

I've got odds and ends from all over the world. If you are looking for a gift for that special someone in your life, something unique and exotic, I might have just the right thing for you! Or are you looking for the magical kind of item. An enchantment or a potion? If you have the coin, I have the wares.
  The Emporium Exortique is one of the strangest shops within the Merchant Ward of Okodranous. Built like a small palace, it reaches into the sky and puts every shop nearby to shame. A pair of sandstone pillars flank the entrance, which is sealed with an ornate silver and golden door.   Once you step inside, the smell of tobacco and other exotic spices immediately fill the air, while quiet music reaches the ear. The inside seems to be even bigger than the outside made you believe and is filled with countless shelves, racks and display cases. Various different herbs and spices hang from the ceiling, and a few contraptions seem to brew new potions and medicine.   The Emporium Exortique sells all kinds of magical and non-magical trinkets, exotic herbs and spices, and enchanted items for those who have the coin. Madame Namaka Palaea can create custom magical items and potions for nearly every situation, at least as long as you can pay.
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