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Namaka Palaea

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Ah, greetings, wanderer. What whims of fate guide you to this enchanting haven? Seeking elixirs to weave through the tapestry of your destiny, or perchance a peculiar token for a cherished soul? Nay, do not unveil your purpose; let me weave the strands of your story. A seeker of peril, drawn to it like a moth to flame, I presume? Fear not, for I hold in these arcane walls the very essence that aligns with your desires. Venture within, and you shall find what your heart seeks, hidden in the mystique of my offerings.
— Namaka - telepathically, just moments before you step into her shop.
  Madame Palaea is the owner of the Emporium Exortique in Okodranous, a shop that sells all kinds of strange trinkets, potions and magical items. While her dresses often are eloquent and leave little to the imagination, her completely purple eyes quickly draw the attention. While she is noticeably blind, she still seems to take in the world around her, and might be even more perceptive than those who have sight.  


The owner of the Emporium Exortique is surrounded by a lot of mystery and many myths. She has been within the city for a couple of centuries while not aging in any visible way. She mostly keeps to herself, and doesn't have many close friends.   She isn't into the business only for the money. Even if her morality seems strange to outsiders, she wants to make sure that her creations don't end up in the wrong hands. She doesn't openly show off her most powerful goods, and only sells them to regulars she already has a business relation with. On the other hand, once someone owned her trust, she doesn't seem to care too much about what an item will be used for, as long as it doesn't provide a great danger to the general public.  


While Madame Palaea is blind, you wouldn't really notice in the beginning, except for her completely purple eyes. She acts mostly normal, and can perceive everything that happens around her, but during a conversation you might notice her eyes slightly missing you. She is able to telepathically comunicate with people in a short radius.   She is a powerful magic user, even if nobody knows where she learned her abilities. She can create magical items, ranging from small trinkets to powerful magical items, weapons, armor, and potions.  


Madame Palaea opened her shop centuries ago in the Merchant District of Okodranous. Nobody knows where she came from and she isn't telling anyone. A lot of mystery surrounds her person but her past is her best kept secret.   In any case over the course of just a couple years, she established herself as the major merchant of exotic goods and unrestricted magical services. In the beginning the Star Seekers wanted to limit her influence and restrict the kinds of magic she was allowed to sell, but her expertise quickly found customers within the highest circles of the city and the Star Seekers coudn't do much about it anymore.   Today the Emporium Exortique is still the biggest shop for various trinkets, potions and magical items. Many powerful families regularly visit this establishment to make business, and it is often considered neutral ground even between otherwise rival factions. The Emporium benefits all of them and Madame Palaea does not allow any dispute or fight in her shop.
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