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Merchant Ward

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No matter what you need, you will find it here. Beautiful clothes and fabrics from Apresia, the best wines and fruits from Athar or masterwork craftmanship from Kamorda. People sell wares and good from all over the world here, and for those who have the coin, everything can be bought here. And even if you have little money, just walking over the markets and seeing all those amazing wares, is something you just have to do when you visit the city.
  The Merchant Ward is right next to the docks towards the west. It's the biggest district of the city and contains most of the shops and the biggest markets of Okodranous. It's right after the Docks by far the busiest part of town and most markets are at least partially opened day and night.   During the night this district turns into an area for evening entertainment for the common folk. Countless bars, restaurants and tavers are in this area, and basically everyday you can find musicians play in the street - especially towards the shore side of the Sirgavi River.  


Great Market

The Great Market is the by far the biggest market of the city. Stretching over various different places and through various streets, hundreds of market stands and shops are open for shopping. Ranging from simple daily supplies up to exotic and luxury goods, many different goods are sold here. It is said, that you can find anything you wish for here - at least as long as it is legal within Okodranous or you know where to look regardless.  

Crystal Placa

The Crystal Placa is the biggest market for luxury goods within the city. It's surrounded by various shops for expensive wines and jewelery, while many traveling merchants put up their carts and stand on the placa itself. The placa is named by the fountain in its center. A beautiful water feature created out of countless crystals interwoven with and connected to each other.
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