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The Fallen Anchor

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The Fallen Anchor is one of many taverns and bars near the Docks of Okodranous. It is famous for its Ambrosia Wine, a Wine made out of grapes and Ambrosia Fungi, but its recipe is a well kept secret of the tavern and passed down from generation to generation. The Ambrosia Wine is pretty strong by itself, but combine with the psychoactive effects of the fungus, many foreigners overestimate their abilities very easily and don't remember much of the evening.   Many sailors and travelers come through here every day, but also many locals step by in the evening. The tavern itself is one of the most popular taverns in the district and always crowded.   The tavern has been in the hands of the Lorquet family for many generations now, basically since its founding. Currently it is owned by Anna and Theo Lorquet, a dwarven couple that runs the tavern day in and out. They are very well respected people within the common folk and are often called upon to settle minor disputes before the City Watch gets involved.  
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