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Docks of Okodranous

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Okodranous has the biggest harbour of the Golden Coast, no! Who am I kidding? It's the biggest harbour of the whole continent. Everyday hundreds of ships come through here selling and buying goods. This place never rests, no matter if it's day or night, business has to run!
  The Docks consist of the gigantic harbour, which can handle hundreds of ships at a time, and huge warehouses to store and process all the goods coming through here. It's by far the busiest part of the city, and because of its importance to the city one of the most controled and patroled area as well.   Adittionally there are countless different taverns, inns, bars, restaurants and other establishment for entertainment, for the sailors and travelers coming through the city. Even if many of them would prefer to head into the more wealthy districts of the city to enjoy their shoreleave, they usually just can't afford to do so. So they have to fallback to the cheap and easy establishments near the docks.
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