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The Academy of Arcane Arts has done a lot of good and people tend to forget the horrible things they did in the past. One of the worst things they ever did was during the Resurgence. You know, they want to control the magic within their influence, and a bunch of people with magical abilities suddenly appearing, that messed up their plan. So, they hunted down the new Plane Touched, bringing them all into the Academy, to keep their control on magic.   First, many families were thrilled that their child would get magical education, but quickly it got apparent that teaching was never the goal. The Academy wanted to research the Plane Touched. They wanted to understand where their magic comes from and ultimately use it for themselves. And as soon as people realized that, many fled the country. Some went to Estaria, but most people either booked the first ship to the Golden Coast or took the Lion's Pass to Okodranous
  The Planars are a Subculture within the Shadowcliff of Okodranous. Their ancestor were Plane Touched who have fled the Kingdom of Abonaria in the decades following the Resurgence.  


During the Resurgence, many new Plane Touched appeared all over the world. At first, the Academy of Arcane Arts opened their doors for all new Plane Touched. They promised to teach them to control their magical gifts, no matter how weak or strong they were. Many families were excited for their children to get an arcane education, and happily send them to the Academy.   The rules of the Acedemy were very strikt. To make sure students fully focus on their studies, contact to their families was very rare and usually limited to written communication. Because of that it took years for people to become suspicious about what was going on at the Academy.   TODO: Fireball incident -> Attending the Academy got mandatory   More and more Plane Touched disappeared -> Whistle Blower -> Mass Migration to Estaria and Okodranous
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