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Plane Touched

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From time to time, when a mortal creature is born, and the cosmic forces and energies align in just the right way, this creature is touched by those forces. They get changed, sometimes only mentally, sometimes physically as well. They develop supernatural abilities and gifts and a deep connection to the energy or plane that touched them.   There is no way to control when an event like this occurs, and there doesn't seem to by any preference based on species, gender or any other genetic characteristic. Every mortal creature can get touched by the planes, sometimes just slightly, other times their whole physiology changes.  


There are four elemental forces of nature - water, fire, earth and air. Each one of them has a source, a plane where they are created and in the center - where they all meet - they create the world as we know it. But not every place on the material plane has an equal amount of each elemental forces. Some of them are closer to one, while others are closer to another. And where the influence of one force outweighs the others by too much, it changes and influences the landscape, the creatures and the people living there.


People touched by the Elemental Plane of Fire tend to inherit the volatile nature of fire. They tend to be impatient and emotional. They often show physical characteristics like red, coal-black or ashen skin tones and flaming red hair. The more exotic ones might even have actual flames instead of air, burning red eyes and the smell of brimstone emanating from them.


Airborn people often have light blue skin, hair and eye color. Often a small breeze seems to accompany them all of the time. Their mood tends to be as changeable as the weather, switching from calm to wild and violent in the blink of an eye. Most all Airtouched Creatures do not have to breathe, as the elemental force of air fuels them.


Earthborn creatures inherit the strength and unmoving nature of the earth. They often excell at physical strength and tend to not take any rash decisions. Visually their skin might be partially made up of stone or gemstones, or they might even have flesh made from metal.


Creatures touched by the elemental forces of water often show the flowing and unpredictable nature of their element. They often take their life day by day, always going with the flow. Some of them develop visual features like blue to green skin tones are eternally wet hair.


Devil- and Demonfolk

The touch of the dark planes physically changes a creature. They are often visibily different to those around them. From purple, red or blue skin, horns and tails or even fur, it's almost always visible if someone was touched by these forces.  


Aasimar carry the spark of the bright planes - a spark of magic within them. They have a deep connection to good and angelic beings, as long as they don't fall from grace. Their birth is often seen as a good omen, a blessed event, and therefor they are often treated as champions sent by the gods themselves.   Sometimes their appearance barely changes, and you can't see their extra planar influence if they don't choose to share it. Othertimes their features turn luminous and overly beatiful - more than any mortal creature ever could.  


For most of the history of Lothrea, Plane Touched have been around. They haven't been incredibly common, but especially in major settlements or in places aligned with the planes, it wasn't unusual to find a couple Plane Touched.   But for roughly 700 years after the War of Fate, Plane Touched became incredibly rare. To this day, there is no fully agreed upon reason for this, but it is probably the same reason that forced the Gods from this plane. Anyway, towards the start of the 8th century, Plane Touched appeared once again.   At first it was just a couple cases all over the world, just enough to raise concern within highly educated circles. Something was changing and people investigated. Then, in the year 755 MOR, an event now known as the Resurgence happened and countless Plane Touched were born nearly simultaneously. Nobody knows what exactly caused this event, but now the peoples of Lothrea have to figure out how to deal with Plane Touched once again.
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