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Reed Family

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The Reed family is the most influencial family in the Shadowcliff. They control big parts of the district and have more power down there than the city itself. They enforce their own laws and regulations on the inhabitants and rule the district by bribery and force. They allow trade and actions otherwise sanctioned by the city, as long as they themselves can profit from it as well.   In the greater city, they still hold some influence as the major faction of the Shadowcliff. They control most of the supply of illegal drugs and weapons into the city, which by itself can influence the power structure of the city immensely. Combined with the huge profits they make through their shady business, this makes them a powerhouse within the city.
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Notable Members

Russel Reed

Russel came from a poor, uninfluencial family in the Shadowcliff. With no prospects to speak of, he became very frustrated with the path layed out before him. He worked hard for his place, and today, together with his wife Alyssa Reed he controls the Shadowcliff district.
Alyssa Reed

Alyssa Reed is one of the most influential woman in Okodranous. She is the head of the Reed Family and together with her husband Russel Reed she controls the Shadowcliff. She is a cunning business woman, and knows how to navigate the political landscape of the city with charm, bribary and "forcing arguments".
by Marcela Freire
Theresa Reed

Theresa is the oldest child of the Reed Family and has been brought into the family business from a very early age on. She inherited the charm and intelligence of her mother, and quickly picked up on how to influence the rich and powerful within the city. Now in her early thirties, she has become the political mastermind behind the Reed Family.
Davis Reed

Davis is the youngest child of the Reed family. While his sister Theresa took up the business and high society side of their family, Davis focuses more on keeping the influence of the family on the streets. He is responsible for most of the Reeds employees and overseeing the safety of the wares of the family.

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