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Theresa Reed

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Theresa Reed is the oldest child of the Reed Family and has been brought into the family business from a very early age on. This business was not easy, neither for her, nor for her brother Davis, but both of them quickly learned their way around.   Theresa learned how to talk to people, how to forge beneficial relationships with powerful individuals, and how to get what she wants from them. She is self-confident, outgoing and well mannered, but can also be very deceptive if she has to. Some would say she could sell sand in a desert and would be successful in doing so.   But she also learned how to run the business behind the scenes. Her mother Alyssa thought her how to keep the business running, how to get more jobs and opportunities and also who to bribe if things go the wrong way. She has become the political mastermind behind the Reed family, solidifying their position within the city and expanding their reach even further.


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Year of Birth
864 33 Years old

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