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Session 8: Back to Okodranous

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Call of the Deep

26th of Dustwind 897 - 27th of Dustwind 897

Meko Bakvog
Davis Reed
Luna Luccino
Luvock Tigrane


Session Date: 17 Apr 2022
The group returned to Okodranous. They met Edison Morris, and got an appointment with the Council of Thirteen in a couple days.
Anabela talked to a priest of the Lady of Crows about her condition, while Davis Reed had to face his family after being gone for nearly a month.


The group made their way back to Okodranous to present their discovers to the people in power. On the Voyage Luna used her newfound abilities to report back to her home, warning them about a potential threat and asking about the wellbeing of her family.   At the harbour Julia Marques greeted the group on behalf of the Morris family and invited them to a meeting with her step father Edison Morris the next morning. He might be able to arrange a meeting with the Council of Thirteen for the group.   To discuss their own plans and goals, they headed to Luna's home. After a long discussion, they agreed they need to look more into whatever is happening and can't just let it be.   Suddenly Davis' sister showed up and Luna's dorstep scolded Davis for being gone so long and asked him to meet their parents and explain why he was gone without notice for the better part of a month. She also offered the group potential support from the Reed family to aid in the group's research. Davis took this as an opportunity to explain his family's business to the rest of the group.  
The Reed family is the most influential family in the Shadowcliff. They control big parts of the district and have more power down there than the city itself. They enforce their own laws and regulations on the inhabitants and rule the district by bribery and force. They allow trade and actions otherwise sanctioned by the city, as long as they themselves can profit from it as well.
  For the rest of the day, the group went separate ways. Luvock went to his mentor's shop, giving him a quick rundown on what he has found. Pharom noted that should they want to research more into this alien vessel, the Tinkerer's Society would probably be willing to at least provide a place of operations for them.   Meko went searching in the city for knowledge about those strange creatures they found in Berranzo. Scattered across various places, he found information about a species called the Illithid who together form something referred to as "The Collective". This "Collective" seems to be some sort of hive mind with a goal of assimilating any intelligent life into itself.   Luna and Anabella went to investigate Anabella's condition and visited the House of Destiny, a temple to the Lady of Crows. Using the pseudonym Elaine, they asked the local priest about the fate of a different follower that was awakened after her death.  
The Lady is pretty clear on her tenants. Once your time has come and your destiny has been achieved, your path will reach an end and you will cross the threshold to the lands of the dead. Those who come back are an abomination to fate itself, and their destiny has to be enforced by all followers of the Lady.
But let's just play with this thought for a second. If there really is a devout follower of the Lady, and this follower died, but came back, maybe it was not their destined fate. Maybe something knocked their fate of its predetermined path and the Lady intervened to put them back on track. There are no strict records of something like this happening, but there are stories that could be interpreted that way.
  After a long while of avoiding her faith, this meeting encouraged Anabella to look inside herself and pray to the Lady once again - and the Lady answered. Through countless images and emotions, thoughts and metaphors, Anabella realized that someone or something knocked her faith off its path, and something else tried to put it back on track.   Davis went to meet with his mother, Alyssa Reed after being gone for the better part of a month without telling her. He explained what had happened to him and why he had to go investigate the crashed ship. During this conversation, Alyssa warned Davis to be careful what he shares with Edison or the Council itself. She has been active in the city's politics for long enough to know that every single one of them has their own agenda and their own goals. Alyssa learned to keep her cards close to her chest. "You can always give them more information later, but you can't take information back".   The next day, the group reconvened at Lunas and prepared for their meeting with Edison Morris. They told him about the crashed ship and the lingering threat of a pirate attack on major cities along the coast. He offered to send out a group of mercenaries to Saltrest as a temporary measure until the group can meet the council the day after the Night of the Moon Festival and the council can make a more permanent decision. On the other hand, he didn't really take the treat of the pirate attack seriously. Pirates might have been an issue on the open sea recently, but the cities can easily deal with any direct attack by a small pirate faction.

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