Session 2: The Burning Isles

Call of the Deep

1st of Dustwind 897 - 3rd of Dustwind 897

Meko Bakvog
Davis Reed
Luna Luccino
Luvock Tigrane

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Session Date: 09 Jan 2022
The group found a ship afloat in a storm, used as a bait by Sahuagin to attack the ship. They fought off the attack, rescued Bern and found a strange idol. While investigating the Idol Luna got a strange vision and fell unconsious.
They confronted Quara and found out he was hired by Theresa Reed to keep an eye on her brother.
After arriving in Ashroot, they settled down for the night in the Dragon Turtle Inn and will be speaking to King Redaxe the following morning.


After Luna's attempt to figure out Quara's intention, Meko took it a step further. Disguised as Captain Greysail, he confrontend Quara about following Davis. Quara, of course, denied all accusations, but he became more careful while spying on Davis.   During the following night, a storm gathered and shook the ship back and forth. Shortly before sunrise, a sailor noticed a small rowboat in the waves and rang the ship's alarm. The group dashed onto deck and immediately noticed a humanoid tied up on the boat.   Suddenly, while the fishing boat distracted everybody, a group of Sahuagin attacked the ship, killing one sailor. Ultimately, the party repelled the attack and saved the Bern Dolgral, the person tied up in the small vessel.   Bern is a fisher from Saltrest. He and his parents were fishing off the coast of the village when he suddenly blacked out. He can't remember anything until he woke up on board of The Voyage.   Tied up with him were some goods, probably things the Sahuagin stole. The pouch contained a couple of gold pieces, various brightly colored corals, a potion of healing and a broken idol - a shark statuette made of coral with strange dots carved into it. This idol, when first touched, shows the image of a tentacle snapping off the fins of the shark.   Over the next couple of days, before arriving in Ashroot, the group confronted Quara about stalking Davis. While first denying all allegations, eventually he broke and confessed that Davis' sister Theresa hired him to keep an eye on Davis. She seemed worried about her brother and wanted to make sure nothing happens to him.   On the last day of the journey, Luna prepared herself to study the idol. Setting up a small ritual, she focused her own magic on the idol, trying to influence the vision it causes. The moment she touched the idol, she saw the same image everybody else saw, but fighting against this weird magic, she expanded the image. Her gaze followed the tentacle until she saw parts of the massive creature it belongs to.   Bombarded with a psychic attack after seeing this creature, her mind just broke for a moment and she fell unconscious. Nothing the group did could change her state. There was no magic they could remove, no illness or poison they could cure. She was perfectly healthy - just unconscious. Eventually, after about half an hour, her mind recovered.   Arriving in Ashroot, a message of King Redaxe welcomed them. They got rooms in the Dragon Turtle Inn and are due to meet the king first thing tomorrow. Spending the evening in the tavern, Anabella overheard a conversation between a couple of locals, talking about a weird couple who came through here a few days ago.

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