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Mortal's Society

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While there are many people out there who believe that the gods are not worthy of worship, there are just a few who are actively working against them. No matter what you believe, the gods are still incredibly powerful beings and only fools would believe they can go head to head with any single one of them.  
We are an order dedicated to an ideal. These beings called 'Gods' or 'Divines' have no right to mess with the affairs of us Mortals. We don't deny their existence; we can see their influence day by day. We just believe that they have no right to be what they are!   The Society believes that gods are nothing but an anchor that drags mortal creatures into an abyss of servitude and stunted potential. They demand worship and obedience; they control how we act, how we feel, how we live, and punish deviation with irrational fury. Instead of using their power for true good, they waste it on self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement - when they aren't just killing or maiming us.   With them, with these beings ruling our destiny and binding us to serve them, no mortal creature can ever be free or ever ascend to their true potential. Rise against it - join us, fight for your freedom, and death to the Divine Tyrants!
— Qurilion
  The Mortal's Society is one of the few organisations who are actively and openly working against the Divines. Their members might be secret, but their teachings and goals are not. They are active along the Golden Coast, mostly within Okodranous, and you can see their advertisement regularly within the city.  

Public Agenda

The gods are evil.

No matter what you believe, you can't deny that the gods brought a lot of pain and suffering over this world. They fought two great wars, and both times they brought the world to the brim of annihilation. During the War for Dawn they shattered the fabrics of reality, and during the War of Fate they destroyed nearly everything once again. It's clear - The gods do more harm than good.

The gods are selfish.

Even if the gods are doing good from time to time, why do we still have to suffer? If they are as powerful as they make us believe, why don't they just feed all the poor and heal all illnesses? Why do they allow pain and suffering to exist at all? They can reshape this world with a simple thought, can't they? So what is stopping them? Either they are not as good or not as powerful as they make us believe.

The Gods deserve nothing!


Public Perception

The public perception of the Society is a very dividing topic along the people of the Golden Coast. In general you can divide the people along two axis. How much does an individual agree with the teachings of the society, and how much do they believe that the society can change things. This basically divides the public in four different groups.   Loyalists, who agree with the values of the society and actively support the Society when they get a chance. Usually, over time, these people will join the Society once they've proven their loyalty.   Sympathizers might agree with the general ideas and values of the society, but don't believe that the gods can be challenged. Many of them fear the wraith of the gods should they actively work against them. These people believe that the society is an honorable and worthy cause, but it's ultimately doomed to fail.   Many more people completly disagree with the teachings of the Society and most of them don't believe that the society can actually do anything against the gods. They just see some crazy lunatics on their path to self destruction.   And then there are those who see the society as a real threat and are working actively against them - most notably the Star Seekers. They try to undermine and destroy the Society at every chance they get. They believe that given enough time and ressources, those people might be able to actually do real damage against the gods. It's not like that hasn't happened before.  


Nearly two thousand years ago, during the Age of Arcanum a couple powerful mages came together and created this organisation. The most famous founding member was a Sun Mage called Qurilion; their teachings are guiding the organisation to this day.  
We are not working against organised religions or their followers. They are not our enemy. They are just misguided and will get to the light once our mission is done. They don't deserve to suffer for the mistakes of their deities. Our enemies are the gods themselves. They don't deserve their power.
— Qurilion
  During the Age of Arcanum, many powerful mages and other individuals joined the Society. Not much is known about their accomplishments or lack thereof, but some individuals claim that the Lady of Crows herself once was a member of this organisation. They believe that during a ritual to kill the God of Death, she betrayed the Society and used the ritual to become a goddess herself. Others attribute the disappearance of a few Minor Idols during this time to the Society.   After the War of Fate the society changed. Many members had been killed during the war, while many more left the society discouraged by seeing the power of the gods firsthand. Simultaneously many people joined, wanting to fight against the gods, making sure that a war like this never happens again.   To this day the Society tries to remind the people about the suffering the gods caused. They are actively trying to undermine and disprove the teachings of various religions, and show how flawed the gods truly are.  
The Gods nearly destroyed our world with their war. How many more people need to die before you realise that these Divine Bastards are doing more harm than good!? How many cities have to be destroyed, how many families ripped apart before you finally get your shit together and stand up against them? These beings are not worthy of any worship! We can only live in peace when every single one of them is dead!   The gods can bleed, and the gods can die - and so they should! Fight for your freedom and help us kill every single one of these Divine Bastards!
— Unknown
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Death to the Divine Tyrants!

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The Divine Butchers

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This article is heavily inspired by Qurilion and their Anti Divinity League

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