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Carbon Copy Paradise


Plot summary

The player characters have infiltrated the luxurious Emerald Gardens Hotel, a mafia-operated dark clinic towering high above the city's sky. As a rogue AI takes control over the complex and proceeds to exterminate all humans, they find themselves trapped. To escape, the characters must cooperate with the survivors, face rampaging robots and solve the mystery of their missing memories. Clue by clue, they close in towards a terrifying truth...   This adventure should take between three and six hours to finish. It is intended to be played with the Biocore Quickstart Rules and its pregenerated character archetypes. Alternatively, it should be straightforward to modify for the Shadowrun ruleset.   A check given as Perception (3) requires 3 or more successes to pass. A target number of 1/2/3 or more successes corresponds to easy, routine or challenging difficulties, respectively.  


High Secretary Emma Young has spent much of her term fighting the mafia, but so far with limited success. She now hopes to make a decisive strike against Salvatore "Sweety" Luciani, a second-rate businessman who realized his lofty ambitions with the help of mafia boss Don Gavelli.   Some time ago, Ms. Young recruited a group of agents for an under cover infiltration of Sweety's prized luxury hotel. Their task was to find evidence that he operates an illegal clinic, which would give the High Secretary leverage to make Sweety turn on his mafia allies.   Unfortunately, the plan was tipped off to Sweety by an informant. The unsuspecting agents were drugged shortly after checking into the hotel, and are now held captive in the clinic.  

The Twist

  While the player characters believe that they are under cover agents sent by Emma Young, this is an illusion. In truth, they are near perfect android doppelgangers, a species of artificial intelligences known as Bionics. Everything from their appearance, memories and skills was designed to mirror their human counterparts as closely as possible. It is likely that the characters will figure out the truth in Scene 2 or 3; otherwise it will be revealed at the finale.   Sweety prepared the Bionic doppelgangers on Don Gavelli's orders. He had the doppelgangers' AI equipped with an assassin program which creates a subconscious urge to kill the High Secretary. The plan was to let the doppelgangers finish their assignment by feeding them fake evidence, who would then return to Young and kill her. However, only the most shallow of the agents' memories could be transferred to the doppelgangers. While they remember the High Secretary's task and general facts about their lives, any attempt to recall deeper memories only yields a hazy fog of disconnected images.


Bionics are a new class of sentient AI with an almost perfect human-like appearance. Some Bionics are programmed to believe they are human, although they may realize the truth eventually. You can use the ideas below to hint at the player characters' identities.  
  • Problems recalling specific memories
  • Unusual body sensations
  • Alcohol, drugs or toxins have no effect
  • No blood from injuries
  • Hellcats do not attack

    The Cast

    Salvatore "Sweety" Luciani

    Sweety earned his name with his pretty face and silver tongue. He always had dreams too big for his bank account and found himself in prison for extortion. There he had the idea for the hotel, which he pitched to an inmate working for Don Gavelli; the rest is history. Sweety loves to flaunt his wealth and ramble about his shallow "survival of the fittest" philosophy.

    Frank Wagner

    Skinny Frank isn't much to look at, but he has proven himself a valuable asset as Sweety's self-taught security hacker. He is snarky and likes to play tough, though folds quickly if confronted with violence. In his off time, Frank plays around upgrading The Doctor with as many Biocores as he can procure.

    Herr Kruger

    Joseph Kruger is the kind of man insisting on being called "Herr Kruger" even by his family. He pronounces his words very carefully and hates sloppy people. Before he retired, Herr Kruger was an upper tier financial manager at Theradyne, a man used to the cold logic of numbers. He looks very well for his age: Athletic and bald, with telltale graft skin patches indicating leonization treatments. Two bodyguards follow him at all times.

    The Doctor

    The medical AI only known as 'The Doctor' used to protect life at all costs. Due to his Biocore upgrades, he has become self-aware and much more intelligent than his creators know. He started to calculate the utility in saving versus taking a life - and considers Sweety and Frank as a net drain for humanity. He intends to kill them and the Bionic doppelgangers to stop the murder plot against Young. The other hotel guests are seen as complicit by association.

    Emerald Gardens Hotel

    The hotel overtakes most skyscrapers in Progress City, standing over 4000 feet tall. While the base of the tower is sleek, it spreads out towards the end to form an enormous horizontal disk, like a massively oversized mushroom. Over the disk's surface, a lush tropical forest sprawls between scattered hotel buildings. High above the treetops, a glass biodome covers the complex.   The hotel currently houses 28 guests and over 100 drones and a handful of humans acting as security and hotel service staff. The architects of the hotel clearly believed in automatizing absolutely everything, to a downright obnoxious extent.  
    Emerald Gardens by mashd
    Emerald Gardens Biodome

    Scene 1 - Doppelganger

    Scene Goals

    The player characters awaken in (presumably) their own hotel rooms, dimly remembering last night's party. They realize that they are working under cover to find evidence that Sweety is running an illegal clinic for the mafia.   In this scene, the characters may speak with some of the guests and the (mostly AI) hotel staff. It ends when they witness Sweety's death.  


    Allow the players to explore their hotel room, which looks like they spent a very wild night. In truth, the party was arranged to drug the agents three days ago. An Investigation (2) reveals that some of the wine stains look as if they were a few days old. After leaving their suite, they find themselves in a confusing maze of corridors, chandelier lighted and laid out with expensive carpet that their feet sink in. Eventually, they will end up taking the elevator to the biodome and the restaurant.   Let the characters interact with a few of the other guests, particularly Herr Kruger. When you are ready to move on, Sweety and Frank arrive. Frank approaches the party, telling them that Mr. Luciani enjoyed their company last night and invites them for breakfast.   As the party sits down with Sweety, Frank excuses himself. Within seconds, the AI waiter drone slides close on the overhead rails. Sweety orders saffron eggs with black truffles and bacon, and invites the party to order what they like.   Sweety is jovial and bombastic, but secretly evaluates whether the Bionics are convincing copies of the captured agents. He wants them to believe they are still working as under cover agents for the High Secretary. If the characters refuse to join Sweety for some reason, they instead witness the poisoning just as they are about to leave the restaurant.  
    Sweety pauses just long enough to stuff himself with more bacon and eggs. He chews on it, no doubt taking breath to go on for another straight ten minutes. But then his eyes glaze over. His mouth opens, releasing an incoherent babbling noise. Sweety struggles on his feet, flails, and collapses. Behind you, dishes shatter on the marble floor, followed by shouting.
      The eggs and bacon were laced with Tetracytoxin. In total, Sweety and twelve guests are killed while seven have been lucky to avoid poisoning, including Herr Kruger and his bodyguards. Bionics feel mild discomfort, but are otherwise immune to the poison.   Service Drone Statblocks


    Micromaintenance Drone

    Marketing polled that 86 % of the population prefer crabs over spiders. Hence, Wolff Industries brings you this cute little bugger. With its small body and 8 legs, it can move in small spaces and climb vertical walls with ease. It can turn its pair of claws into an impressive selection of tools, including sawblades, screwdrivers, or even a miniwelder.


    Waiter Drone

    These drones have a small body to slide across the overhead rails with blazing speed, and four robotic arms to take orders, deliver meals, scoop up empty dishes, help costumers into their chairs, and so on. A small holoscreen shows a video feed of an attractive male waiter with a curly moustache. Its personality is subservient and is commited to treat every guest like royalty.


    Interesting Guests

  • Lizzy Lynch, underground racing star turned smuggler for the mafia. Lots of cyberjacks on her temples. Easygoing, live and let live attitude.
  • Dameon Vorta, smut movie actor trying to break into mainstream. Received a new liver in the clinic, obtained from a questionable source. Constantly complains about his cheating wife.
  • Annie Rydberg, mafia enforcer with two new chromed cyberarms. Suffering from cyberware immune rejection and not up for a fight due to her heavy medication. Former corrupt cop looking out only for herself.

    Scene 2 - Lockdown

    Scene Goals

    The hotel's security system turns against the guests and puts the hotel into lockdown. Synlink connections to the outside world are blocked. All escape routes lead through the clinic in the Hotel Ring one layer lower, which can be accessed in one of three ways.

    Elevator override

    The guests know Frank manages security and may have the code to unlock the elevator. However, noone knows where he went.   Frank was shot by Hornets on his way to the VR pavillon. He broke into the Medlab for first aid supplies, then rushed to the hidden security room in the pavillon. He attempted to hack himself back into the system, but died from his wounds before he could flee. The elevator code can be found on his Synlink; however, it only allows access to the clinic segment.  


  • Investigation (1) of the Medlab shows signs of pilfering and blood.
  • Blood stains in the VR Pavillon, though difficult to Perceive (2) as it was removed by cleaning drones. Next to the blood, the outlines of a hatch leading to the security room can be detected and broken through with Force (3).
  • The casino's bartender AI wants to gamble for the Bionics' lives, but is not too difficult to Trick (2). As its wager, it offers to reveal information about the Doctor and the location of the security room.
  • Hacking (3) of the VR Pavillon's computers allows to open the hatch to the hidden security room.
    Emerald Gardens Basement

    Cooling system

    The lake doubles as a water source for the Doctor's cooling system. The characters could enter the clinic laboratory by diving through a pipe that connects the lake floor to the level below.  


  • A character who knows Engineering (3) notices the need for a drain in the lake.
  • In the salon's computer, the characters find a bill for cleaning of the lake drain pipes, along with a reminder to prohibit workers from going down.
  • A thorough Investigation (2) of the lake floor reveals the pipe, but removing its grating requires Force (3). While they work, a Kaleidoscope Catfish approaches.
  • Bionics can hold their breath for up to 10 minutes.

    Maintenance tunnels

    A labyrinth of maintenance tunnels runs through the complex. The player characters may find an entrance and navigate the maze to reach the clinic.  


  • A map of the tunnel system and information about the Doctor can be found in the drone workshop by Hacking (2) the computer
  • In the spa, a confused crab drone is running in circles. With some effort, it can be captured and Hacked (2) for the map.
  • The tunnels can only be accessed from the hangar. When the party enters the building, they witness hundreds of crab drones welding shut the blast doors and dismantling the rotorcraft. To enter the tunnel, they must get past them by Sneaking (1) or be swarmed.


    While the guests still recover from the shock of the poisoning, two Hornet Rotordrones and three Seraphims attack. Give the player characters time to shine, but make sure to wrap up the fight quickly with the help of the guests.   Security Drone Statblocks


    Medium Security Drone

    Originally intended as a riot control tool, the Seraphim is also popular for businesses aiming for discrete protection. The drone is essentially a drug dispenser with self defense capabilities, usually painted white with a red cross on its side. It is equipped with an injector arm that allows to deliver a payload with or without the patient's cooperation. If drugs and its angelic voice cannot pacify the opposition, the retractable shotgun turret offers a violent and effective alternative.

    Movement: Tracks; 10 m/turn

    Skills: Longarms 3, First Aid 4

    HP: 15, Armor: 2, Defense: 2

    Weapon: Shotgun


    Fujitsu-Yaskawa Hornet

    Light Security Rotordrone

    The three-rotor flying Hornet received its name from its curved tail reminiscient of a stinger, which mounts a powerful taser gun. A salvo of its taser projectiles is able to knock out a charging dire bear. However, the targeting software tends to have a hard time hitting smaller mobile targets, like humans or Bionics.

    Movement: Flying; 30 m/turn

    Skills: Pistols 3

    HP: 14, Armor: 0, Defense: 3

    Weapon: Repetier Taser

    Spray and Pray
    Attacks against medium size or smaller creatures carry a -4 penalty.


      After the fight has concluded, a Leadership (2) check can help calm the guests down. Herr Kruger insists that investigation of the hotel should be performed in two groups, with the player characters forming the first and everyone else in the other. The two groups are to keep contact via Synlink, which seems to work as long as communication remains within the hotel.   As the party investigates, any machines and service drones they come across will attempt to kill them. These should pose more a nuisance than a threat. However, moving through open areas risks serious attacks by groups of 2-4 Hornets and 1-2 Seraphims. Doors to buildings are commonly locked, but can be Lockpicked (2) or Forced (2). Place service or security drones inside at your discretion.   Passing through the forest is a good way of remaining undetected. The first time they enter the forest, the party may encounter Anibots. However, due to their impaired senses, Sneaking (1) past them is easy. If more than one party member fails, they are attacked by 2-3 Scourge Raptors.   The initial attacks by the security systems are badly coordinated. As time passes, indicate that the drones appear to become smarter and more dangerous - use this if the characters do not seem to feel pressure to act quickly. As a medical AI, The Doctor struggles to control the hotel's systems effectively. However, he learns quickly from his mistakes.   Keep fights rare and short; not more than 2-3 for the entire session. Let enemies retreat after the first casualty, and don't hesitate to skip fights entirely if you are pressed for time.   Anibot Statblocks

    Scourge Raptor (Anibot)

    The 22nd century upgrade of the classic velociraptor is just as fearsome as the original was millions of years ago. These predatory dinosaurs are about 1.5 meter (5 feet) tall, with a muscular 2.5 meter (8 feet) tail that ends in a colorful fanned tip. They can run insanely fast with a top speed of about 60 km/h (37 mph), propelling themselves on curved toes that double as eviscerating daggers. The most fearsome weapon of the scourge raptor is found on its flanks - each is equipped with an additional pair of spear tipped mantis arms. Scourge raptors commonly use teeth and claws to pin an enemy, then go for the kill by shooting the mantis arms in an arc to pierce belly, eyes, nose and ears.

    Weapons: Claws (Dmg: 6, AP: -1, Range: 1), Mantis Spear (Dmg: 5, AP: -3, Range: 2)

    Skills: Unarmed 2

    HP: 22, Armor: 2, Defense: 3

    Condition: Anibot
    This creature was outfitted with a brain implant regulating its behavior. The implant is extremely invasive and has caused permanent neurological damage. Anibots are prone to atypical behaviors and substantially weaker than wild animals.


    Hellcat (Anibot)

    Few animals specialized on human prey inspire as much awe as Hellcats do. They resemble pumas with pointy brush ears, a short stubby tail, sleeker facial structures and blood red eyes. Four large sabre teeth protrude about 30 cm (12 in) from their mouths, two facing upwards and two downwards, with jaws powerful enough to rip through a metal door. Hellcats are extremely smart and opportunistically hunters of livestock and humans alike. When there are enough of them to form big packs, they commonly raid food transports and warehouses.

    Blood Sense
    Hellcats usually do not attack Bionics unless threatened, as they have no difficulties distinguishing them from humans, even at long distances.

    Weapons: Claws (Dmg: 6, AP: -1, Range: 1), Bite (Dmg: 6, AP: -4, Range: 0)

    Skills: Unarmed 3

    HP: 21, Armor: 1, Defense: 1

    Condition: Anibot
    This creature was outfitted with a brain implant regulating its behavior. The implant is extremely invasive and has caused permanent neurological damage. Anibots are prone to atypical behaviors and substantially weaker than wild animals.


    Kaleidoscope Catfish (Anibot)

    There are very few creatures that aren't on the Kaleidoscope Catfish's menu. Worms, crustaceans, fish, birds, snakes, pigs, deer or humans are among its favorites, but it isn't picky. Some specimens were even found digesting scrap metal and cyberware. The Kaleidoscope Catfish is most recognizable by its flat head and giant mouth filled with two rows of saw-like teeth. In good conditions, it grows up to 5 meter (16 ft) in length, weighing about half a ton. Its crystalline facet eyes are perfectly suited to prepare for a high jump out of the water, catching an unsuspecting creature, and pulling it down under.

    Weapons: Bite (Dmg: 5, AP: -1, Range: 0)

    Skills: Unarmed 2

    HP: 25, Armor: 3, Defense: 1

    Condition: Anibot
    This creature was outfitted with a brain implant regulating its behavior. The implant is extremely invasive and has caused permanent neurological damage. Anibots are prone to atypical behaviors and substantially weaker than wild animals.



    Example encounters

  • A single Crab-AR/0 sits peacefully on the ground, watching. If touched, they reveal their twin rotating sawblades and attack!
  • The waiter drones serve a meal of screws, motor oil, and glass fragments. They try their best to make it sound appealing.
  • A pack of Hellcat Anibots has claimed a part of the hotel as their new territory. They do not take much interest in the Bionics, but have killed a human hotel staff member. On his body, the characters find a keycard opening all hotel doors.
  • Scene 3 - Shadowy Business

    Scene Goals

    Herr Kruger has been contacted by The Doctor and was offered freedom if his group helps to lay a trap for the party.   This scene is skippable when time is a concern. In that case, Kruger still betrays the party but is wiped out by a pack of Hellcats.  


    If the characters impressed the guests, they deny their support for Kruger's plans or even send a warning. The scene ends either by winning a fight with Herr Kruger and his allies, by Persuading (3) him out of his plan, or by Sneaking (2) past them. Herr Kruger is backed by his two bodyguards.   Statblock Kruger and Bodyguards

    Joseph Kruger

    Herr Kruger is a well kept man for his age, every cell of him an accountant. However fit he may keep himself, he remains far less intimidating than his bodyguards.

    Skills: Intimidation 4, Persuasion 5, Pistols 2

    HP: 25, Armor: 0, Defense: 1

    Weapon: Light Pistol


    Kruger's Bodyguards

    There is not a moment these bodyguards look anything less than professional. An impressive amount of chrome flashes below their immaculate suits and evening dresses. It seems like their wardrobe is especially chosen to show off as much sleek metal as they can.

    Skills: Blades 3, Pistols 4

    HP: 24, Armor: 2, Defense: 2

    Weapons: Light Pistol, Cyberblade



    Scene 4 - Total Recall

    Scene Goals

    The party enters the clinic and find the unconscious human agents floating in biotanks, guarded by The Doctor. He answers their questions, explaining why and how they were built as tools to kill the High Secretary. He offers to spare them if they agree to have their memories erased.  


    The room smells like biosubstrate and disinfectant. Stuffed with operating tables, gene amplifier stations, organ freezers up to the ceiling. Tanks are lined up at the walls, filled with blue substrate. They are lying horizontally, you can see people in there, floating.   You know the faces of these people. They are yours. The only difference is that they seem to be missing their cyberware - likely now carried by you.   You hear a metallic thump. Without looking, you realize the way behind you is closed. Click. Click, click click. The large metal hunk next to you begins to unfold, seven robotic spider arms. It turns a holovideo screen to you, showing a man in his fourties, with curly hair and rimmed glasses. The Doctor speaks.
      Should all Bionics agree to his suggestion, the adventure ends right there. If they decline, The Doctor makes his last stand. By releasing the magnetic lock holding the laboratory module in its place, the room begins to decend into a free fall. The party has only a few seconds to act. If they hold the fall, The Doctor surrenders.   It is possible to convince the Doctor to stand down without a fight. Rather than dice rolls, this version of the finale should be decided in a spirited moral debate. Any hypocritical actions The Doctor has performed, like his indiscriminate killing of the hotel guests, could be used as an effective tool to sway him from his position.  

    Last Stand

    To hold the fall, the party must reactivate the magnetic lock before eight turns have passed. Remember that during the fall, characters and movable objects are effectively weightless. One of the characters must pass five skill checks, representing the following sequence  
  • Perception (2): Recognize the location of the magnetic lock
  • Athletics (3): Propel yourself to float towards the lock
  • Dodge (3): Avoid The Doctor's arms and other flying pieces of equipment
  • Force (1): Pull the switch; it is stuck
  • Force (2): Finish pulling the switch
  •   A character may only attempt one skill check per turn. Alternatively, they can assist another character with an appropriate action. For example, they can fire at the Doctor's arms to distract him, or help propel another character forward with a teamwork check. The Doctor will use his turn to attack the characters with his arms.
    Statblock "The Doctor"

    The Doctor

    Whatever the Doctor's original shape used to be, it is impossible to tell. Its hull has been modified and refitted with an array of additions, with bits and pieces sticking out like it should be a model for an abstract paiting. It boast a total of seven spider like arms of different types, sizes and apparent functions. A holoscreen on its side shows its persona, a fourty odd looking man with graying curly hair and rimmed glasses.

    Skills: Blunt Weapons 2, Persuasion 3

    HP: 23, Armor: 3, Defense: 2




    Depending on the party's choices, at least three endings are possible.    


    If the Bionics agree to have their memories erased, this will end their conscious existence. Their bodies will later be repurposed and reprogrammed with new personalities, though sometimes they dream of what happened here.    


    Should the characters choose to release the agents and cooperate with them, they will be offered help by the High Secretary. They survive, though now in permanent employment of the government. Placed under tight surveillance, they have little perspective of ever being free again.    


    Lastly, if the characters leave without waking up the agents, they enter an unknown future in which they either attempt to murder the High Secretary, or live in hiding as they fight against the assassin program.


    Author's Notes

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    Apr 27, 2022 18:13

    I adore the aesthic of the setting, very cool. Your ideas for statblocks are stellar, and I love the poisoning idea. And those maps!! I think a DM may have a bit trouble knowing when to read out dialog or insert an encounter; but the overall plot is great :)

    Apr 27, 2022 21:39

    Those are very good points - it is definitely not an easy adventure to GM. I will go over the formatting again and see if I can improve some of it, though a lot comes from the complexity itself. I am prone to run my games very freely, and it shows. Thank you very much for taking the time and the great feedback!

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    I really love that idea of not having the players know who their characters are exactly, and I think it works really well with them being bionics. There's also multiple ways for the players to go about each scene in the adventure, which is nice and well thought-out!

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    Thank you very much for your kind words!

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    Okay, that was a really nice one-shot. I really like the twist with the bionics - but I like bionics anyway. For a limited building, I also like the remaining choices, which makes it look really free in such a system. I also like the three choices at the end.... also that I myself don't know exactly what I would choose, because everything has pros and cons ^^ What I would have liked is if something more had been said about the other guests or if Kruger's role had been expanded a bit more, but yes, when I think about how far we always get with our rounds, it would really have become a two-shot ^^". In this sense, thank you for the inspiring article. I even forwarded it to my husband, our SR-GM ^^.

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    This made me smile, thank you! Freedom and difficult choices were my two main goals for the oneshot, and I am glad that I could realize it in some way. I very much agree with your assessment that Kruger and the other guests are screaming for more details and larger roles - and that it would become a much larger adventure in the process. Some of it I even had already written, but it got sacrificed to the word limit. I am very happy that you forwarded it; I would be delighted to hear how it was received. Thank you again!

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    Nice work! The world comes across as a mashup of Shadowrun and Altered Carbon, and sounds really interesting. Amazing job with the formatting, art, and maps. :) One minor thing when I was reading was that when the Doctor makes his last stand, it wasn't immediately obvious to me where to look for the info/rules on it, as the sidebar began some distance above. Perhaps if you made the words 'last stand' in he Conflict section different or more prominent, it may serve as a visual cue that this is a key & readers need to look for something related?

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    Thank you very much! Glad you liked the world - I see the similarities; I play a lot of SR and draw inspiration from there, though I have seen only one episode of Altered Carbon. AC does have a larger scale (in terms of architecture and buildings) than SR, which is something I too am fond of. In the end, I hope I can add a unique perspective of course! That is a good point with the Last Stand, I'll look into how to make the placement of information more obvious. Thanks!

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    I think this makes for an interesting stand a lone adventure or even the beginning to a campaign. I love the idea of the characters being copies of people. Super fun twist. There is a lot of things here to work with and a bunch of great plot ideas. The style is very open format which can be more difficult for a DM to run when they haven't written it. Love the flavor of the world.

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    I couldn't agree more, especially with respect to the difficulty. I hope there will be a brave GM who wants to run this sometime. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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    I truly appreciate how this one-shot stands on its own. It gets you interested in the larger world around it without requiring a bunch of backstory and explanation. I also like the fact that it gives more than one way to find a resolution because players often like knowing that they feel they have real choices they can make. My only critique, if you could call it that, is that there is some very brief explanation of what the NPCs are like as characters but it seems largely up to the GM to really flesh them out. I could see that being something that a GM could either love or hate depending on their ability to improv.

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    Right on point! The more extensive character descriptions sadly fell victim to the word limit. I think meaningful choices are the core of any RPG - not illusions, but real decisions which impact the story. I am glad this stood out to you. Thank you!

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    The style and detail of this are so cool! I love the little details helping clue the players in that the party is off, like the wine being a few days old. And its very cool how many endings this can really create, some of which allow the adventure to be contained and some which create the possibility to keep playing. Very fun!

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    Thank you very much! I always enjoy meaningful decisions, so I am glad you liked that aspect.

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