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Morris Transcontinental Shipping

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If you need shipping of your wares anywhere in the world, we are your partner! We ship to every major harbour on Teldora, Dorovari and Erea. With over four docent vessels, we are the biggest shipping provider along the Golden Coast. If you have wares to ship, find us in Okodranous or Lirca!
  Morris Transcontinental Shipping is one of the biggest merchant company all on Teldora. They own 50 vessels, and ship wares nearly worldwide. The Morris Family is one of the most influential families of Okodranous and many believe them to be a part of the Council of Thirteen.   Sadly, over the last couple years, their business seems to decline. Their only heir Nathan Morris seems to have more interest in being part of the High Society of Okodranous than in taking over the family business. So far, the business is still running rather well, but what happens when Nathan has to take over?   Many people think that it's probably better if Edison Morris doesn't give his business to his son, but lets his wive Enyra Morris and her children take over, when he is no longer able to do so.
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