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Harbour Festival

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It might have been over 30 years since the resistance disbanded, but don't let that fool you. Their views and demands are as important now as they have been 30 years ago. While his festival is an amazing experience by itself, it's also our way to remind people to not give up and fight for their rights and a better place.
  During the summer months, the artists of Okodranous pick one week to transform the city's harbour into one big art piece. Colorful images, graffiti and illusion line the entire harbour during this time. This celebration goes back over 30 years to the Chromatic Protests, protesting against the increasing taxes and exploitation of the lower class.  


For five days, the artists of Okodranous prepare the harbour area. They paint the walls of buildings with colorful graffiti, create sculptures and statues everywhere, and some even use their illusion magic to enhance the entire experience.   Then on the weekend, it's time for the harbour takeover. Most of the harbour shuts down, and the entire district turns into one big festival. Musicians and artist from all over the Golden Coast come to Okodranous to show of their art. During those two days, you can find music and plays at every street corner, try food and drinks from all over the world, or just enjoy the lively atmosphere and art.  


In the year 862, a group of artists called the Chroma Colors started a peaceful protest against rising taxes and increasing exploitation of workers in the poor districts of the city. All over the city graffiti and caricatures appeared, criticizing the government and many powerful individuals of the city. The city officials quickly responded by trying to remove the works and arresting the creators, but the protest spread quicker than they could control.   Over the next couple of months, more and more people joined the protest. Music and art all over the city became more political, and many workers openly stated their disapproval, and the city's response grew more and more violent. At some point the Council of Thirteen even enlisted mercenaries, when the City Watch proved unable - or unwilling - to shut down the protest. What started as a peaceful protest was met with violence and oppression. Ultimately - in the summer of 863 - the whole situation nearly escalated.   During the night of the 14th of Highsun 863 a group of watchmen, sailors and harbour workers peacefully occupied the harbour area, completely shutting down the trade of the city. Realizing the graveness of the situation, and the potential for this protest to grow into a bloody rebellion, should it be met with a violent response by the city, the Watch Commander Adrian Thompson ordered the City Watch to stand down - even against direct orders by the Council.   This refusal by the City Watch ultimately forced the council to start negotiations with the protesters and ultimately they came to an agreement. The taxes were lowered again, many labour protection laws were put in place, and the Harbour Festival was established.  
Chromatic Protests
Military Conflict | Feb 25, 2024

A series of peaceful protests by artists in Okodranous, fighting against the exploitation of workers in the city. The final takeover of the harbour sparked the big Harbour Festival of Okodranous



Of course, this festival has the potential to turn violent at any moment, but so far it never has. Even if the council doesn't want to hear it, this provides an outlet for all the resentment and dissatisfaction of many people. It's an open platform to criticize what's going on, and many changes within this city started here.
The entire festival started as a protest many decades ago and never lost that spirit. Back then the Council of Thirteen made major concessions to the people of Okodranous in order to open the harbour back up. One of these concessions was to allow the people to hold the festival at one weekend during the summer.   Today, the political climate of the city has become more tense again. Since its creation, the festival has been a thorn in the side of the powerful, but nobody has dared to interfere with it so far - fearing any interference could turn this peaceful event into a violent protest.
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