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Jaden Rogwyn

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I've never seen a young man more determined than Jaden. He came from incredibly poor conditions and he worked hard to get where he is today - all because he wants to protect his home. He is a good man, a bit too stubborn from time to time, but maybe this stubbornness got him where he is today.
  Jaden is the current Watch Commander of Okodranous and has held this title for the last seven years. He joined the City Watch of Okodranous when he was 15 years old and worked his way up from the very bottom. At only 20 years hold he got his own unit in the Docks and just five years later he took over the title of Watch Captain within that district.   For the next decade, he kept law and order within the Docks, the busiest part of town. He was well respected by his man and did an incredible job at keeping the district save and the trade going, so when his predecessor stepped down, they recommended him as the new Watch Captain.   Since he took over the title, crime within the city grew less and less, at least in most districts. Even if he would like to, he still did not manage to take back control of the Shadowcliff. The city might have given up on that, but he hasn't, at least not yet.  


Jaden is ambitious and determined. He doesn't really care about what others think of him, as long as he does his job. He is a man of honour and principles, which brought him the respect of his man. Having grown up in poor conditions, and having to work hard for everything he has today, he doesn't like many of the rich folk who didn't need to work for their position. He doesn't care about their opinions or money, and unlike many Watch Commanders before him, he does not take part in High Society events.
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Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
856 41 Years old


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