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Session 12: The Council Meeting

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Call of the Deep

5th of Frostwind 897

Meko Bakvog
Davis Reed
Luna Luccino
Luvock Tigrane


Session Date: 17 Jun 2022
The Party met with the Council of Thirteen and reported what they have found on the Burning Isles. While the council could not act on any of their information, a few of the Council members offered jobs to the group.   Additionally they talked to Russel Reed about the Molluscan League


Immidiatly after stopping the cultists in Vitro Waterwalker's tower, the Council of Thirteen called in the meeting with the Party. After some quick stops at home to freshen up, they headed to the Skyward to meet the council. Before heading into the building, they gave over their prisoner Yartra to the City Watch   A young state secretary welcomed the group into the building and led them to the council chambers. The council itself consists of 13 members, but only four of them are known, Jaden Rogwyn - the Watch Captain, Fenris Silvermoon - the High Curator, Allesandra - a high priest of the Star Seekers and Valeria Ezzo - High Admiral of the Navy of Okodranous. The remaining nine members wear masks during the meetings.   The Party reported on most things they found on the Burning Isles. They told the council about the Sahuagins, the Illithid and the crashed ship. They also talked about the pirates reuniting under a new Lord of the Sea and more plans to attack other cities of the Golden Coast. Sadly, even if the council believes that things have to be done, there is nothing they can immidiatly act upon at the moment.   After the meeting various people - including some council members - approached the group seperatly and asked them for help.
  • The Shipgraveyard: Some priests of the Star Seekers had a vision of a shipgraveyard crawling with oozing, tentacled beasts. Allesandra asked the group to head to the Daybreak Orchard in hope the priests there might have more information about this vision.
  • Pirates: Valeria Ezzo and Jaden Rogwyn asked the Party to investigate pirate activite on the southern Burning Isles.
  • Underwater Ships: During the pirate attack on Okodranous a couple days ago, some of the pirate ships had the ability to sink beneath the waves and travel fully submerged. The Reed Family would be very interested to know who they achieved this.
  • Evacuation: After being attacked in his own tower Vitro Waterwalker no longer felt save in the city. They asked the group to escort them to a small town further in land to an old friend of his. This friend apparently researched Sahuagin in the past and might be able to provide more information to the group. Instead of going on this mission themselves, Luna Luccino decided to hire a group of mercenaries led by Carmen Calcino instead.
  During a quick talk with Russel Reed the group asked him about the Molluscan League. The Reed family had run ins with the league in the past, but never really investiagted into them. They both just coexisted and did not interfere with each other. The only thing Russel heard about the league is that they are a cult worshipping an ancient entity called Strutorog.

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