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High Curator

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The High Curator is the official leader of the city. They are elected by the permanent citiciens of the city every two years. Even if they are the official leader of the city and by law hold the full power of the city, everybody knows that they actually just report to the Council of Thirteen. This council comprises important citizens of the city and is making all the important decisions. They are mostly using the High Curator as a simple ceremonial distraction.   To many citizens of the city, the rank of High Curator is just ceremonial and many of them don't even vote for them anymore. In their eyes, this rank does not hold any power and therefore is not worth any effort. The title is often taken by the same couple families, as no other people are usually putting themself up for vote. From time to time some enthusiastic young blood tries to take over the title and change things up, but they always fail against the rigid power structures within the city.
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Civic, Political
Length of Term
2 years
Current Holders


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