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The Watch Commander serves at the mercy of the High Curator. The High Curator appoints the Commander and can relieve him from duty at any moment. Traditionally though, a newly elected High Curator tends to keep the current Watch Commander in charge to rely on his experience and it is rare to see a commander being relieved of duty.


The Watch Commander handles the City Watch of Okodranous. He appoints Watch Captains for the various districts and organises the work between the districts. In case of a citywide emergency, he takes charge of the defense and security of the city.   The Watch Commander holds various emergency powers, since the standing military of the city was dissolved after the foundation of the Confederation of the Golden Coast. In times of war, he holds the authority to seize any resource and conscript any citizen above the age of 20 into military service in defense of the city. Additionally, he can temporarily impose a military rule and lockdown upon the city, if it is threatened.
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