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Valeria Ezzo

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Valeria is the Great Admiral of Okodranous. She is a no-nonsense leader, focusing on protecting the city and its people. She is confident in her abilities as a tactician and fighter, which makes her rather stubborn from time to time. She is always willing to make the hard decisions, but has to try and navigate the political landscape of Okodranous to keep her position and continue doing what she does.  


Valeria was born and grew up in Okodranous. She was always drawn to the open sea, and as soon as she was allowed to she signed up for the Navy. Quickly she rose through the ranks, and eventually became the Great Admiral of Okodranous.
  • 878 MOR (15 years old): Valeria signs up for the Navy as a simple sailor
  • 883 MOR (20 years old): She gets command of her own ship, The Eclipse
  • 886 MOR (23 years old): Great Admiral Matias Soriano takes her in as an apprentice
  • 895 MOR (32 years old): During a battle against a pirate faction, Matias was killed. The battle seemed lost, but Valeria managed to turn the tides. Afterwards she was awarded the title of Great Admiral.
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    Year of Birth
    863 34 Years old


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