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Karat Pen

The Karat "Pen" is a magical writing tool that was created and is mostly used by Witches. It takes its name from the city of Karat, located in Nodvragoda's Territories, Moskova. The particularity of this writing tool is that books written using it are magical, as their words can go out from the pages and interact with the reader in different ways.

Types and parts

The pen is made up of several parts, crafted in different materials and their amount depends on the variety of pen we're talking about.

Traditional Karat Pen

This is the oldest kind of pen. It has the following parts:  
  1. Feather: The most prominent part of this tool is a long feather, usually an owl feather and more rarely, golden eagle feather.
  2. Tip: A long, thin tip follows the feather (an covers its natural tip) and its united to it by a tightly coiled row. The tip is usually made of copper or iron and gold.
  3. The manufactured pen is submerged in a magical potion called "Fake Reality", which purpose is breaking the barrier of the pages and the reader's space.

Mechanical pen

These ones are more modern than traditional ones, but aren't too different. They have the same parts as a traditional one but also an ink container which is united to the feather and the metal tip, which can be recharged and is more practical than using an external ink bottle.

Magical ink

While the magic that makes the words to surpasses the limits of reality and pages is added to the pen when it's being manufactured, the way a written work interacts with the reader depends on the kind of magical ink used. There are several kinds of magical inks with different kinds of magic and them can be mixed for creating new kinds.
  • Wind ink: Creates wind that emerge from the book and makes the pages fly. There are several intensities, from a calm breeze to a tornado.
  • Light ink: Makes the words shine when reading them. The color of the shine depends on the pigments added.
  • Fire ink: Creates a flame that emerges from the book.
  • Water ink: Makes water to come out from the book.
  • Fog ink: Creates fog that emerges from the book
  • Imaginery ink: Creates images projected in the air, depicting what's told by the book. Combinating this ink with other kinds can create an almost infinite variety of effects for those pictures.
An example of magical book written using a Karat Pen and magical ink which appears in Seeking for the Lost Northern Stars is Shirknania's journal about cultural heritage of Moskova's peoples.
by Gege16
Item type
Current Location
Current Holder
They are mostly associated with witches and the actual amount of them is unknown. Magical books written by using these pens can be found in markets but rarely so they're considered valuable items. The ones with important information are usually in libraries of the Royal Palace or are owned by witches. Some have been censored.
100 g
15 cm long
Raw materials & Components
Avian feathers,  gold, ink, iron, copper.
by Gege16

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jul, 2021 13:52

That seems very fun! So you could have your book turn its pages for you as well as the writing shine in the dark? Is there also a magic that could read the words for you?

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Gege Escriva
13 Jul, 2021 23:50

Thanks!! :) I'm glad you like it! Yes!, there's lots of types of magical inks with different effects, these one listed are just a few. The light ink can make the writing shine in the dark if the book is being readed in a place with no light.

14 Jul, 2021 01:21

Ooh, this is really cool and fun! I would love to have one of these. I guess I'll have to figure out how to get to Moskova first! Great work. :D

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Gege Escriva
14 Jul, 2021 14:17

Thank you! I'm happy you like it! Same, I'd love to have one of these pens, and a trip to Moskova as well xD

8 Aug, 2021 19:53

'Some have been censored'. Intriguing.   I'm just imagining trying to read one and being drenched in water. XD

Gege Escriva
8 Aug, 2021 21:47

XD Hehehe, surely it must be hilarious.