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Lekjat Pen (LEK'jaht PEN)

The Lekjat pen is used by Essence magic users in order to infuse papers with various essences. Each pen is constructed from a specific ore that is able to store different magical essences within it. Each ore is attuned to a particular essence and the pen is best used to channel whatever that happens to be.    Esh can infuse the pen itself with magic, using it as a storage device. When the ink inside is used for writing, the essence magic stored in the interior ore is released along with it. This gives the writing and paper the properties of essences as well.    Most commonly, air, light, and void magic are used. Air can make the delivery of the paper much easier as it can be attuned to fly on different wind currents. Void allows the writing to be hidden from others until it is reversed with complementary light magic. Lastly, light magic makes the paper almost pure white and warm to the touch, although not to the extent of pure heat magic, which will often lead to fires. This paper is often used by travelers as convenient sources of warmth and as diary pages to catalogue their adventures.    Lekjat pens were invented in the Yzel Kingdom by alchemists in 635. While alchemists have very limited abilities with essences, they are able to use the ore and powerful ones can channel small amounts of essence directly rather than use probability. The pens allowed alchemists to infuse magic into papers without having to have high manipulation abilities themselves. Esh have subsequently taken over the manufacture of the pens, but alchemists remain the primary users.
Item type
The ore used to make the writing implement is uncommon, but once found, the instrument itself is one of the most common uses for it outside of prisons.
14cm long

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