Luminescent Ink

Never think that ink is useless. There is ink, and then there is INK. For those who don't understand the difference, let me explain. Regular ink is used for writing on paper or parchment and can be read in the light. Now, INK is different. It can be read in the dark. For you see it is luminescent and glows. Now reading this ink in the light is hard but not impossible.
— name lost to history


mushrooms by Mohammad Mahir Borhan
  This ink is crafted using the mycelium of certain mushrooms. It is combined with vinegar, salt, and water.  

Manufacturing process:

  It is best to make the ink in the dark. Take one cup of fresh mushrooms per cup of water, a dash of salt (per cup), and one tsp of white vinegar (per cup). Cook for about an hour keeping just below boiling, or until water starts to glow. During the cooking time, perform whichever chant or ritual you deem appropriate. Test ink with a strip of paper. If it is not bright enough, cook until you have the desired glow. Strain the solids from the liquid and bottle the ink. Store the ink in a bright place.  


  This ink is used by those who have been afflicted by Magicus Imperious. They use this as a means of passing information from one to another as well as for creating their book of shadows.   With the use of dip pens, whether those with metal or glass nibs, or an old fashioned quill, this ink dries slowly unless left out in the sunlight to dry. It is important not to close the pages until fully dry, otherwise the ink smears, causing the writing to become illegible and stains the pages next to it .  


  This ink is manufactured by those who use it. Usually in a large group combining efforts to create more at a single time. During this time they break into two groups, the first is focused on the creation and cooking of the ink, while the second group performs a group ritual.
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Youtube videos courtesy of Sable Aradia and Alexander James Adams

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Master Cryssalia
Cryssalia Noire
2 Jul, 2021 16:00

That's a neat ink. Imagine writing a curse about someone and no one can know unless those with magicus condition heheh

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