Magicus Imperious

The year was 2174 when everything went to hell. Technology became unreliable and magic started creeping back into the world. In the last hundred years magic and technology have both been unpredictable with volatile interactions.
  Magicus Imperious: also known as the magical contamination, is the condition of finding oneself with the ability to perform magic. Though this is not truly detrimental to the contractee of this condition, it can be very dangerous for those who are nearby.  


by Tracy Lundgren
  The symptoms are usually cold sweats, objects flying around the room, and incomprehensible mutterings. These symptoms do not cause the contractee any distress. The afflicted also becomes obsessed with bells, books, and candles and usually will set up some form of altar in their room.  

Affected Groups:

  Originally only those who were in tune with the earth and trying to live in harmony with it were affected, but in the past one hundred years it has been contracted by all factions. The religious have accepted it amongst their own with some trepidation since they believe that those in their faith were granted this power by the All Mighty as a means to counter the "Pagans". Technologists who succumb to the condition feel that they must work to blend the magic with technology.  


  When the world went to hell, magic started invading the population. It started with those who were already considering themselves to be witches, druids, or mystics. Though these people were rare they usually had a community where they could reach out and meet like-minded people.  
by Amber_Avalona
The cause of the world going to hell was mainly global warming. The seas rose and the land was submerged. What land remained was hotly contested by those who were still alive. Places that had once been fertile plains had turned into deserts or swamps, while some deserts had become more fertile and hospitable towards mankind.   Technology was becoming unpredictable, as the heat increased. Magic slowly crept in to the world through those who were attuned to it and it became more powerful. The largest issue with magic was although it was powerful, it too was unpredictable.  


by Inns-Web
  The cause has never been verified. There have been a number of theories about the cause but nothing could be proven. Some of the more outrageous theories are that God has cursed those who have it, while another is that the Earth itself in the form of Gaia has blessed those who were loyal to her with magic.  

Cultural Reception:

  Many people found having those who can work magic to be terrifying. In some places the witch hunts were once again in full swing. This has caused those afflicted to search out each other and create communities for survival. Many of those who could use magic moved away from large civilization centers and out into the backwoods and hills.   With the seperation of the technologists, religious, and magic users life returned to "normal". That hasn't stopped the religious faction from hunting down those they believe to be abominations for their use of magic.  


  There is no known cure for this condition other than loss of life. A condition not many are willing to accept.
by Hans Braxmeier
Chronic, Acquired

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Master Cryssalia
Cryssalia Noire
2 Jul, 2021 15:31

Well that is sad for those people. Hopefully they can find some sort of peace or come to terms with their condition. It sounds really neat to have magic when technology is unreliable, but I can see why some wouldn't accept it.

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