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Kekkai Ink

There comes a time in every young adventurer’s life when they decide to get their first tattoo. Magical weapons or armor are great for defeating foes. But they can be stolen. If you’ve been locked away in prison with nothing but your wits to survive, a magical tattoo may be the only thing standing in the way of freedom versus certain doom.
When you make the decision to get a magical tattoo, be sure you choose the right ink. Kekkai Ink.   Of course, Kekkai ink can be used for more than just tattoos. It was originally created by the Ward Masters of the Weld Forest. They utilized the ink to create ward marks across their body. Kekkai ink infused the wards with additional power. These same marks can be painted on items and weapons, though most Ward Masters pride themselves on their unarmored, hand-to-hand combat.   Kekkai ink was once a closely guarded secret of the Ward Masters. However, during the Devil’s Storm, Welding Elves began to freely share their art of warding, along with vials of Kekkai Ink, in service of the war.   Today, Kekkai Ink is one of the most valued exports from the Weld Forest. Although its exact ingredients are still known only by the Welding Folk, it is believed that the Weld Forest trees’ resin imbibes the wards with arcane magic. Kekkai ink is always amber in color and glows slightly in dim or dark conditions.   When receiving a tattoo with Kekkai ink, remember to return for a touch-up. This is necessary when the tattoo stops glowing. Expect this every one to three years, depending on the strength of the ward. If you are unable to afford a touch-up, the ward mark will still work but expect it to be significantly weaker.   Over time, folk have expanded on the original ward marks to develop creative ways of using the wards. Many have formed artisanal magic guilds which create new wards and permanently inscribe them on folk. Tattoo artistry is a very profitable profession in Westerly Union.   In addition to temporary marks and permanent tattoos, Kekkai Ink is used to ascribe sigils on objects. This can temporarily transform a non-magical item into a magical one, dependent on the sigil drawn. Although, Kekkai Ink is one of the most expensive inks in Adazuri, it is good to have a vial or two on your person at all times. In addition to using Kekkai Ink as a trading tool when you’re short on funds, it provides you with an extra level of protection and power when facing stronger foes.
Kekkai Use and Cost
A vial of Kekkai Ink costs 100 gold pieces. It can be found in most large settlements, but will be rare in smaller settlements or villages. Despite being manufactured in the Weld Forest, it is very difficult to buy there, as most folk have set exclusive contracts with artisan guilds.   A vial provides up to ten small temporary wards, 5 medium marks, or two large ones. Temporary ward marks or sigils last one hour.   Temporary ward marks work without Kekkai ink. However, drawing them with Kekkai ink will incur a +1 bonus to any rolls provided with your ward marks.

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Author's Notes

Check out Anime 5e if you’re interested in playing a Warder character. With similar qualities to the monk, Warders are able to use temporary marks to protect themselves and gain extra fighting abilities. Over time, Warders are even able to cast permentant wards on their bodies and transfer wards to other player characters.

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Jul 5, 2021 06:46 by Laure Yates

I like how you effortlessly add very interesting details to the 'story' of the ink, very well done. I plan to talk about a quill and the ink that is used for it - you've given me plenty of inspiration there!

Jul 9, 2021 02:23 by Cassandra Sojourn

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’ll have to check out your ink when you get a chance to write it.

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Jul 5, 2021 11:16 by A

It is just so well done, short and concise, informing and easy to read. I do want to know if there is any change in the "feeling" of having such a tattoo. How does it affect you beyond warding?

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Jul 9, 2021 02:21 by Cassandra Sojourn

Thanks! I haven’t really thought about the way the tattoo would feel, so that’s a great question. I think it would depend on the kind of tattoo you’d receive. So if you received a tattoo that increased your dex, you would probably feel a lot lighter directly afterwards. Regardless of the type, I do think it would cause a temporary boost to your confidence or charisma. I’m trying to decide if this kind of ink could impose some kind of disadvantage in stealth if not covered up.

Choose your poison:   Phasmatum: An Afro-Solar-Fantasy world created for my epic novels.
Adazuri: A shonen-inspired magitech fantasy world home-brewed for 5e.