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Wealding Folk

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The Wealding Folk are a little too serious, even for me. But nobody can deny that you go to the Wealdings when you need considerable protection. Few can penetrate their borders. Fewer still can catch one unawares. The Wealding Folk are masters of evasion and stealth. Their first duty is to protecting the Whispering Weald. Unless you need to travel through the Weald, the chances of running across a Wealding Folk is rare. But every once in awhile, you may run across a Wealding adventurer whose has left home. If you do, be sure you don't underestimate them. They wanted you to see them. And more then likely, they can best you in battle.
  The Wealding Folk are loosely formed communities in the Whisper Weald. Originally consisting of elves, the Wealding Folk have slowly incorporated other Folk into their communities.  
The Beginning
Most Wealding Folk believe their origin stem from two twin girls, Kamali and Izara. When their family learned they were mute, the girls were left to fend for themselves in the Whispering Weld. The girls became the protectors of the forest, defending it from all who would do it harm. When they came across and injured ki-rin, they died defending it. From their deaths, grew The Crimson Oak. And the god who called the ki-rin his steed granted the girls' divinity for their sacrifice.  
The Bravery of Children; the Wisdom of Silence
Wealding Folk believe their children are called to follow after the Hushed Twins. During their tenth year, all children are expected to take a temporary vow of silence. During the Silent Year, children must learn to live off of and to protect the Weald. At eleven, they return to their communities as full-fledged members. It is during this time that they can request to be Warders.  
Warders have the highest honor in Wealding communities. Warders are called to dedicate their lives to protecting the forest and all the creatures who live within. Through use of Kekkai Ink, Warders create wards on their own bodies and throughout the forest. These wards create powerful protection barriers. Additionally, Warders train in hand-to-hand combat, evasion maneuvering, and stealth. Some Warders later ascend to Ward Masters; for each Wealding community, there is a Ward Master who leads.
The Hushed Twins
by Charat
Isolated Community
Before the Devil's Storm, the Wealding Folk followed self-imposed isolation. No creature could cross into the forest without their express permission. No Wealding Elf could leave without a request from a Ward Master. The Wealding Elves were some of the last to join the battle. It was only after the Devils penetrated their Protection Wards that they joined into the fight.  
Welding Elf
by Charat
Increased Communication
After the Devil's Storm concluded, many of the Wealding Elves wanted to return to their old ways. It was only because of the words of their children that they agreed to share information and allow some of their young to explore the world. During this exchange of information, the Wealding Elves began to export Kekkai Ink to select Artisan Guilds.  
Unexpected Wealth
The gold that poured in as a result of this export caused a wealth explosion that the Wealdings were not prepared for. The simple treehouses they once lived in grew into sprawling multi-tree palaces. Some families were foregoing the Year of Silence. The tiny creatures the Wealding Folk were called to protect felt evicted from their homes and trampled on as a result of the increased traffic underfoot.
The Crimson Oak
Today, the Crimson Oak does not seem quite as red. Some believe this may be a bad omen -- that the Wealding Folk have allowed material wealth to distract them from serving their calling to the Hushed Twins. Others maintain that the move towards progress is inevitable. The important point is to keep their sacred secrets the profitable Kekkai Ink from spreading.  
The Battle for Silence
Those Wealding Folk who insist on returning to the old ways have created stronger wards in the deepest parts of the Whispering Weald. To go where they live is to return to the Silence. An ethereal foreverness that is both hopeful and foreboding. To step through their Protection Wards is a privilege given only to the most honored.

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