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The Hushed Twins and The Crimson Oak

Slightly creepy silent children and a giant oak tree soaked with blood. What’s not to love about the Wealding Folk origin story.
— Headmistress Flutterblink
In the time when the Eternals still roamed Adazuri, there lived two twin elven girls. From a young age, it was clear they were mute. Their family was poor with many mouths to feed. And so their father abandoned them in the Whisper Weald.   The girls were raised by the whispering spirits of the Weald. In turn, they committed themselves to protecting the Weald from all who would do it harm.   One evening, when they numbered ten years, they stumbled across an injured Ki-Rin. Fallen from the sky during a battle with a Shoosuva. It wasn’t long before the Shoosuva caught their scent.   Though they were outclassed, the girls fiercely fought to defend the Ki-Rin. The Shoosuva slashed them down underneath an oak tree. Their death stained the tree crimson.   There is a happy ending to this tale. The girls' attempts at protection allowed the Ki-Rin to escape. And when the God who called this Ki-Rin his steed saw the broken girls, he resurrected them and for their bravery bestowed upon them Divinity. Horns grew from their scalp in honor of the saved Ki-Rin. Their mouths were permanently covered as a reminder that they could not speak.
by Charat
  These two girls, Kamali and Izara, are so called The Hushed Twins. Ever silent. Ever present. Ever in fear of the dangers which lurk. They are said to reside within the Crimson Oak.   With their newfound powers, The Hushed Twins brought together all the lost and abandoned elves hidden within the Whisper Weald. They taught them the ways of protection magic. They granted them the strength and wisdom to protect the forest and all those within.   And this is how the Wealding Elves came to be.   It has been centuries since the Hushed Twins have physically manifested within the Weald. Though those blessed few children have felt their presence and saw their image in the corner of their eye. It is said the Hushed Twins’ touch guides children down the right path.   Those who have claimed to feel The Hushed Twins are set on a path to become Ward Masters, those leaders who commit their lives to protecting the Whisper Weald, just as the Hushed Twins do.   The Crimson Oak is the center of many Wealding Folk ceremonies. This includes the Year of Silence and the Appointment of new Ward Masters.

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Jul 10, 2021 16:56 by A

I love the first quote that it is so raw. I would definitely want to know what a ki-rin is in this world as I only have the Kirin of Japanese and Chinese mythology in my head, is it the one that has inspired it? To add to it, this origin myth is great for the Wealding elves! Add to that the ones who followed their path to become Ward Masters and the silence and ritual that children have to do for a year is really creative worldbuilding that fits together seamlessly.

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Jul 23, 2021 05:28 by Cassandra Sojourn

It helped to inspire it, yes. I was looking for beasts in 5e that were celestial and also fit for some of the mythos of this forest. I'm glad you liked it!

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