Dwarven Rune Carver

Magic is not power to use, but rather the ink that we use to give power to the words we write. Dwarf Runesmith
  Dwarves are unable to produce magic like other races. The reason for this is uncertain, their bodies are unable to born with it and they seem to have a resistance to it. But that has not stopped them from trying alternatives to try and use it. Their solution was through glyphs that were brought over by the Elves that began to use to aid them when they began their practices in the uses of magic. The Dwarves just found a better way to make them and created a tool to properly harness their power to their full potential. Though the design is quite simple just being a chisel, it has much more than it seems as magic can be stored inside of it to give the runes their magic power by engaging it into the material they are being carved into to create a better effect of the magic being used on them.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Magic Within

  The Dwarves found a simple way to make their runes faster and more powerful when being used, they were able to place the magic being used inside the carver to directly insert the magic into the rune itself to allow it to hold more magic within them and recharge faster when in use. Making Dwarf Runesmith some of the greatest runes makes in the world because of this.  

Absorbing Magic

  The reason that magic can be absorbed into the carver is through a special crystal known as a Source Gem is placed into it which absorbs whatever magic it comes across. Then with the proper amount of force press onto it say from a mallet, the magic will then begin to out from a hole at the end of it and into the rune that is being carved creating an already magically infused object without waiting for it to absorb magic and is far more powerful.


Sacred Tool

  To those who take the title of rune carver is considered a sacred duty that is taken seriously by all who pledge their life in in doing it. The carver is an extension of themselves to do their work that must be treated with care as if it was their own child. Never shall they treat them like tools for they breath life into the runes that they carve for them to be properly heard.
Item type
Found in Dwarven Kingdoms and Hill Holds
2 lbs

Safety Rules

  Empty Carver: Carver must be drained of all magic inside of it before finishing use. This is due to the possibility of magic leaking out of it leading to unwanted magical experiences or building up inside of the carve which can lead to a disaster often leading to it exploding and some losing their hand or more than just that. That goes for mixing magic as well as they were never meant to do so.   Only Runes: The carver is not a toy and should not be used other than using rune forging trying to use it for things such as tattoos and the machine maintenance is prohibited, especially when if someone dares you to drink the magic itself.   Replace Gem: If the Source Gem is drained of all magic or broken replace it immediately to continue the carving process. Do not try to use it if empty as nothing will then happen. Using a damaged one is far more dangerous as the magical energy that is inside will lead out and explode leading to the sudden creating of said type of magic being used.

Cover image: Rune by Ksenia Yakovleva


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