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Kinetiquill (Kih-neh-tik-wil)

A quill that writes by itself, when held by a person

A quill is a type of writing instrument that requires the writer to physically move the quill across the paper. The kinetiquill is a Ferron invention that moves at the will of the writer, enabling them to write even in darkened conditions. Obviously, the writer and anyone else cannot read in the dark, but it is easier to think what you want to be written and have your quill write it in the dark, making reading what's written once you are in a light enough area much easier.    The kinetiquill can be used by anyone who has one, but getting quills outside of Ferro is rather hard, as the way to create them is a closely guarded secret kept by a small number of people within the town.    It is mainly used by adventurers heading into the depths of the cave systems around Ferro, however it is also used by other Ferrons.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The quill is infused in a form of magic that enables it to do as the writer wishes it to do whilst being held. In effect, the magic enables the quill to control the writer's hand, instead of the reverse, although the writer's mind is still in control of it.

Manufacturing process

The quill is dipped into an elixir.


Allows people to write in the dark, or with ease and a lack of effort when not in the dark. Improves readability of written text.
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
They are uncommon outside of Ferro
Varies depending on the quill converted into a kinetiquill
Varies depending on the quill converted into a kinetiquill
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
Feather. Magic
A magic elixir. The exact elixir is a closely guarded secret.

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Cover image: by Ava S. Jones


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