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The Void Master's Needles

The fae race of Dwarves are secretive, tradition bound, proud and mighty. The guild of the Void, the scroll masters, wield the tattoo needles that are used to mark patterns of power in pure etherium in the skins of dwarves who have mastered working that material.  The Marked have the ability to lock etherium and prevent it from evaporating.  This is the eerie green glowing material in the finest dwarven creations. Most etherium creations evaporate within hours without the marks of the Void Masters, and it is etherium which holds the magical effects or attributes of dwarven crafting.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The needles are crafted from etherium and set in an apparatus that is pneumatic driven with a set of buttons and a bag bellows filled and maintained by lung pressure.  A small bottle of liquid etherium drains down to the needles. The rapid tapping of the buttons drives a series of needles to deposit small bits of etherium in the skin.


The Masters of the Void Guild keep and maintain the tattooing devices.  They are used in solemn ceremonies of dedication where etherium tattoos are applied and an individual dwarf's pattern is established. Each rank of marking allows the dwarf to lock etherium and prevent evaporation. Each maker has their own unique mark used to lock their etherium creations.  The locking ability is not a feature of the tattoo device but a transfer from Master to newly raised Mastercrafters.  Each advance in mastery gains another band of tattoo- typically on arm, torso or legs. It is rare that a dwarf would make a tattoo to the face or neck, as the display is considered vulgar bragging. Dwarves do not give these tattoos to others but have been known to make tattoo magics which may be drawn from the skin and sometimes replaced and reused.

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Jul 7, 2021 09:34

Nice article. Interesting concept to have them actually tattoo magical enchantments of their skin. Also pretty neat that most don't know how to keep it from evaporating.   Do people with these tattoos get specific abilties based on some criteria?

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