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Rod of Rainbows

The Rod of Rainbows is an odd artifact of the gods. Visually it resembles a small golden rod of about a foot long that one can hold easily in one hand. The shaft is often intricate in design, though each one carries a different set of symbols along it to mark it as unique. At the head is a small, smooth sphere that emits a gentle light when activated.   Unlike most artifacts left over by the gods the Rainbow Rod is not a weapon of war. Rather it is a tool designed to create works of beautiful and mind boggling art across the very air itself. Some believe they were meant as a sort of artistic tool used by the gods in times of relaxation or perhaps a toy to play with to busy themselves. Both are valid uses of the Rod of Rainbows as they are used now by the gods’ own children.   Zoxitezati, the God of War, is frequently depicted in murals in temples dedicated to him with a Rod of Rainbows in one of his lower hands while holding weapons in his other three. For this reason he is also seen as a god of the arts and the use of the Rainbow Rod is common in many religious ceremonies involving the god.   The rod is used by holding it with the god-hand, as like all instruments of the gods it can only be activated by those with a god’s blood, and holding it in the air. When one imagines the color they desire and move the rod it leaves behind a trait of light of that color behind it that remains stationary. A floating image defiant of wind or rain. The images are slightly transparent and entirely incorporeal.   The act of creating art with the Rainbow Rod is akin to painting. Each stroke adds a new layer of color to the work and slowly fills in to shape a greater whole. Because the tapestry is space itself the artist can craft wonderful three-dimensional structures of the manipulated light that can look as if it is physically there, albeit with a slightly ghostly transparency.   Each stroke will only persist for a few minutes so the artist must work in great haste. There are some facilities in which such structures of light can persist indefinitely but they are only found within the gods’ temples and rarely accept new pieces into their library of works.   The Rainbow Rod’s most functional use is writing messages on the air for others to see. It is sometimes used to communicate across large distances as the glowing, written words will be visible for very far off and can convey more complex messages than other methods of long distance communication. Sometimes it is used as a tool to play word games on the air itself.   Though not the most rare or powerful of the gods’ artifacts the Rod of Rainbows is perhaps one of the most beloved. It is used as a form of self expression and communication and is one of the few items demigods can frequently rely on to bond with the mortal charges.

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