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The Inscriber of God

The Inscriber of God is a series of massive crystalline spires attached by a central body composed entirely of platinum. It is theoretically mobile, as the entire structure maintains a separation of at least a foot from the terrain which surrounds it. The expenditure of power required to move such an object with raw telekinetic power would be unimaginable for any living mortal mage, and despite its floating state, physical strength has seemed to be insufficient to move it from its resting place.   The construct is covered in depressions, massive shreds into the platinum body of the structure, which when viewed on a massive scale, are Arcane writings. They are clearly Draconic in nature, but no one has ever reached a sufficient understanding to be able to read the writings. They seem to resist comprehension, and each day's learning seeps out of the mind of the scholar who attempts it while he sleeps. Of course, almost no mortal scholars have ever been able to interact with the structure, as it is carefully hidden.   Legends passed down about the object describe it as an "Inscriber" but what such an item could be used to write is a mystery lost to time. Because of the markings on the side, there are theories that the object is not truly an inscriber, but that history has warped its description. Perhaps, they theorize, the object is an inscription rather than a tool. If so, what message could it possible be trying to convey.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Inscriber of God contains the destroyed essence of Tiamat, who was defeated by Bahamut shortly before Hadar's final attack on the material plane. The inscriber was used to carve several aberrant Dragonmarks into the invading malevolent god. The marks poisoned his body and leaked his strength. The Inscriber was operated by the remainder of Bahamut's angels and draconic and mortal servants after his harrowing battle with Tiamat.   After inscribing Hadar with the aberrant Dragonmarks, Bahamut was able to defeat him by sealing him into the moon.

Manufacturing process

The Inscriber of God requires an enormous source of energy to fuse the crystals to the platinum, and to engage the firing mechanism. The source of energy used in its construction is a jealously guarded secret of the dragons, and a source of much of the conflict between chromatic and metallic dragons.
Item type
Weapon, Other
412,300 lbs, 187,000 kg
Raw materials & Components
The Inscriber of God is composed of pure platinum for the chassis, and is made of several interlocking rings and spheres which cause the ring of crystal spires of which it is comprised to be able to move freely around the main chassis. Or at least, that's what it looks like it would do, if anyone could figure out how to make it move, or do anything.
This item could not be manufactured without divine assistance.


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