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Phantom's Quill

Appearing as a collection of polished wood dip-pens, the phantom's quill is a type of magical writing tool used for mass production of a specific handwriting. The only ornamentation on the quills are a silver writing nib, and two gemstones, commonly sapphires, that act as the anchor for the spell that animates them.   In its most basic explanation, a series of phantom's quills, called the servant quills, mimic the movement and motions of a master quill. The role of master quill can be given to any phantom's quill, though each servant quill can only be set to one master at a time. The movement of each if the servants is in direct relation to that of the master, the one used by the writer. This means that if the master is raised two inches, and the tip pointed toward the north, each slave will rise two inches and point their tips to the north.   The largest hurdle to a wider distribution and use of phantom's quills is the large space and preparation requirements intrinsic to the design. For each copy required, a space for the parchment, quill, and ink vial are needed. This often means the use of multiple tables, though some lesser nobles have been rumored to just use their floors. As for preparation, each servant quill can be guided into writing position through physically moving them. During setup, the quills will maintain orientation to the master quill, but are maneuvered into position by assistants. Each page of parchment must be anchored to prevent movement while writing, and special care must be given to the position of the ink vial. The vial must be in the same relative position to the parchment and quill across all instances in order to avoid any spills or drips.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The gemstones on the top and near the tip of the phantom's quill are used to align the servant quill based on the position of the master quill, using a variant of a common telekenesis spell. Through this consistency of similar position, it is able to mimic the writing of the original.


Base Price
100 gold

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