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Echo Pen

Much like the telegraph, the Echo Pen (or the more dated Echo Quill) is a form of rapid communication between points spread across a large distance. Unlike the Telegraph, which requires a charge and is unable to deliver complex messages without a code system as an intermediary, the Pen only needs itself and properly prepared stationary. Preferably send half of the stationary with the person you wish to communicate quickly with. Many people, especially military forces, will number the sheets in pairs so that a new message doesn't get lost in the middle of the pile of stationary.   When the Pen is picked up, minor Godcraft functions begin, preparing to write the message. Press it to the paper, and its main function spins up. Draw a few lines, a bit of cursive here and there, just something that you would recognize as what you wrote. It might be hard to believe, but if you have properly applied the system, what you wrote will appear on the corresponding stationery as a perfect replica.   Fantastic for giving military orders, or placing time-sensitive requests to shops and catalogs, and with a little bit of coordination, a way for people to communicate with no delay whatsoever if a wildly expensive one. Simply set up a second Pen and a properly prepared set of stationary on your end, and you and another (or any other number, really) person can message back and forth, with the only limitation being your supply of stationery.   The Godcraft is hard to get right, and as such the Pens themselves are few and far between. Most gods, of those that regularly produce godcrafted products at least, specialize in the production and fine-tuning of the Echo Pen. Perhaps even trying to produce the next big communication product.
Item type
Semi-rare. Most people of status will have one or two, but there is still a bit of competition to acquire one.


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