Godcraft Technology / Science in Deus Irae: Falling Night | World Anvil


The weapons, tools, devices, and works of art that are made by the gods and instilled with a bit of their essence.    Really nothing is off the table with Godcraft. Indestructible weapons, ever-sharp plows, and sentient cleaning equipment. Not to mention the events of life being made, though that is a largely lost art.   Largely intuitive, there isn't exactly a manual for Godcraft and no-two gods will produce the same thing, nor in the same way. One might forge an indestructible blade themselves, from some exotic material, like the antler of some unique deer. Another might take an existing blade and perform a special ritual, the details of which are only within their mind. Both produce a blade that won't ever chip or crack or ever need to be sharpened.


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