Wondrous Datapad

This datapad is considered wondrous by those who do not possess the technology to produce it, but it is not very wondrous to the typical citizen of the galaxy. It is capable of taking notes, recording sounds and visuals, and combinations for species that use that type of communication. While it does these things well, it is not a translator. The datapad is designed for a particular species and is very adept at recording what passes for their language, either written, spoken, visualized, or in combination.    The datapad is a standard size, but is programmed with hardware, firmware, and software to the species purchasing it. It might record similar language constructs of other species but does not translate but simply records.   What makes the wondrous datapad particularly useful is it's ability to store magical spells. As such, it is particularly useful for Technomancers and Mystics. It can record and store scrolls and other types of spell caching. In that way, the original format of the spell is not needed. However, the effect of using the spell is the same. There is a magical connection to the recording of the original and it is lost like any other readable spell format.   It can also be used as a traditional spellbook, or has also been used by mechanics to keep their many notes they take while building and maintaining their technological wonders. Icons use them for recording their various "shows and 'casts" for others to view at appropriate times or when the ability to copy them to the infosphere is available. Soldiers have used them to document their labors and to ensure they are not accused of treason or atrocities.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A screen, sound collator and dispenser, visual recorder and player
Item type
About 200 grams
30cm by 20 cm by 2 cm
Base Price
1500 Credits
Basic metal and translucent materials


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