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The Blood Finger

The Blood Finger can be used to assist with any type of writing where the user has difficulty or wishes to avoid the strain from such repetitive and voluminous writing tasks. The source of the Blood Finger is unknown, but stories abound amongst the scribes who translate and transcribe existing written works.   It writes the thoughts, as the user has organized them, so it cannot fix errors in grammar or spelling. The user must know the target language, the rules of said language, and the have physical ability to write it. Making it desirable and invaluable tool to scholars and scribes.   If the user is interrupted or disturbed once charging begins, errors, some serious, can be introduced into the written text. Many tales exist addressing such dangers warning users that desire or reliance on the Blood Finger can result in poor output or mistake laden works that create confusion or conflict when studied by others.   The whereabouts of the Blood Finger are unknown and the tales of its existence may only be cautionary tales to emphaiize concentration and the learning and practice of good writing skills

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Blood Finger can be "charged" with the users thoughts while being worn. It simply slips over the index finger of the user's dominant or writing hand. It can then be removed and set to paper to start writing the stored prose.  It needs no source of ink, providing it's own unlimited supply.   Users must activate the Blood Finger to begin charging it.


Rumors and stories abound from mages, scholars, poets, scribes, and other writers desire for such a writing implement.
Item type
The Blood Finger is a unique magical item.
The Blood Finger weighs approximately 100 grams
It appears as a cylinder 5 cm in radius and 10 cm long with a 3 cm tip.


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