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Aulaci's Carving Knife

Relic of the Heretics

They can lie or pretend all they want. What remained of that blade had scattered in the wind.
  Aulaci’s carving knife is a heavily corroded iron blade that is believed to have belonged to Aulaci of Setaik, an early follower of Abrea. The knife was found in a pot that was uncovered in 201 AA along with other objects such as the Setaik bark. Followers of a small, mostly irrelevant heresy of the Abreanist faith, known as Aulacism, consider the knife’s blade a holy relic. They believe that it’s what Aulaci used to carve the message into the bark.  

Relic of the Aulacists

The knife was first found by construction workers who had uncovered the pot that contained it. Alongside the rusty old blade was a piece of bark that would catch the attention of the clergy. The brothers investigating the inscriptions on the wood fled with it in secret, bringing the knife with them. They believed that the messages on the bark contained the truth about god and their group would go on to establish a minor heresy that continues to pester the mainstream branches of Abreanism to this day.  


Ever since the birth of Aulacism both the carving knife and the bark have been considered sacred by the practitioners of the faith. The precious artefact became the property of the leader of the heresy and the Aulacists claim that the knife is handed down to the next in line after the leader’s death. There are some, however, who are dubious of these claims. Skeptics say that the knife was long lost or that in its fragile corroded state it broke apart.    

Last Words

Although the carving knife was in a rough state upon its discovery and lacked its original wooden handle, it was still used to write a few final words. The brothers who founded Aulacism carved the words “Abrea ue Aulaci“ into the door of their wooden kirevassa.   After that, they retired the tool, proclaiming it sacred and declaring that it should be locked away in a safe location. Only the founders and their heirs have the right to access the relics.

Current Location

No one other than the Aulacists themselves know where the location of their hidden kiretia lies. Even new initiates into the faith are ignorant about this until they’ve proven their loyalty. Aulaci’s carving knife is said to be kept there in a safe spot.   According to some rumours, beneath the building there lies a vast tomb where the first founders of the faith are buried. Hidden among their bones are the holy relics.
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Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis
Setaik Bark Inscription
Document | Jul 18, 2021

The Setaik bark inscription is a piece of heartleaf bark with a series of inscriptions carved into its inner surface, some of which caused the creation of a heresy.


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