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It's hard work taking care of the religious services of an entire village all on my own. Thankfully the warmhearted members of our community here are enough of a reason for me to get out of bed in the morning.
Kireseria Johanna

  A Kirevassa (plural: Kirevassati) serves as a place of worship for Abreanists who live in smaller communities that might lack a nearby larger religious building such as a Kirevesi or a Kiretaev. These types of holy places can be built from whatever the most common building materials in the construction site happen to be. While stone is the most common material used for buildings all of the different types of Kiretia, wood, bricks, and everything else imaginable can also be used.

Kirevassati Requiremens

    • Altar
    • Pews
    • Pool of Fresh Water
    • Living Quarters

Religous Activities

Kirevassati were most likely the first type of Kiretia and there is evidence that they were built even before Abrea had died, but these primitive Kirevassati might have served as temples dedicated to pagan, pre-Abreanist gods.
  The most famous Kirevassa was built around 50 AA, and after it was destroyed and Tiyla Pentiwichen was declared a saint, the ruins of the Kirevassa became known as Saint Tiyla's Litskirijk.
Alternative Names
Kiretia Vassatae
Temple / Church
Ruined stone litskirijk
Saint Tiyla's Litskirijk by Mihkel "Dhelian" Rand

Cover image: by Tom Gainor


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