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Holy Structures of Abrea

Should we head to the Kiretia in the afternoon? I could use a nice relaxing and meditating experience today. Perhaps we should also look into those Warmth Rituals that I kept hearing about yesterday?
— Alea to Willem
  A Kiretia (plural: Kiretiati) is a place of worship where Abreanists conduct most of their religious rituals. There are three main types of Kiretia, all designed to fit a different purpose. The most common of the three is the Kirevassa, a small building meant for providing smaller communities with most of the basic religious services. The largest and most magnificent of the Kiretiati are the Kirevesiati, grand temples that also serve as bathhouses. In the middle lies the Kiretaev, a medium-sized building most commonly used for funerals and the burying of the dead.   Each Kiretia is led by a Kireseria and has to contain living quarters for her and the other members of the clergy who both work and live there. The smaller buildings like the Kirevassa can house around a handful of clerics and in some cases, just the one Kireseria. Most of the larger ones, however, have dozens if not hundreds of devout clerics who look after the holy buildings and provide services for the faithful.
Temple / Church

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Orthodox Abreanists


There aren't any designs that the building's architects have to follow. All that matters is that a Kiretia contains all the necessary features that are required to perform the rituals.

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