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Baglāmēq Hūril

Followers of Baglam

Our blessed Lady of the Lake sent words of guidance to Brother Hillen. How could anyone deny our most holy saint's words if those were the words of Abrea?
Teirei Aurkustelwichen, Lord-Inquisitor of the Inquisition of Athe
  Baglāmēq Hūril or Baglāmism is the youngest of the three main brances of the Aprēan faith. Founded by Tīr Baglām, a renowed and controversial theologian who had grown weary of the Hillenist clergy, Baglāmism sought to reform the faith, settling centuries-long grievences and bringing the faithful back together. These hopes were quickly dashed aside, however, as the Alstiseria condemned Baglām's views and forced him into exile.   Wandering in the harsh sands of the Rahigina, Tīr Baglām was able to think freely and refined his beliefs. The suffering he endured hardened his fervour and when he eventually returned he brought with him a new age of spiritual warfare.  



Peaceful Proselytization

Over the long centuries there have been many who have had their grievences with the overzealous military holy orders of Hillenism. Their knights have spread the faith with steel and forceful submission and so when Baglām emerged from the desert and proclaimed that the faith must be reformed to put an end to that, the descendants of the subjugated turned their backs on Athe, in favour of the new teachings.

Tolerance of Magic

Hillen had been harsh to those who had practised magic, considering them unpredictable and dangerous. As a result of his views on the matter, Hillenists have often tried to restrict and suppress, ignoring the potential within them. Baglām, on the other hand, saw the good in such powers and condemned the hateful views of Hillenēq Hūril. His promises of equality helped in the spread of the new faith.

Iconoclast Views

It is impossible to know for certain what Aprēa or even Gilei Hillen looked like, as neither were ever fortunate enough to have portraits drawn of them. Only centuries later did people start depicting God and all artwork of Hillen came after the explosion at Athe and therefore the Baglāmists consider it blasphemous to even try to depict them in any way at all.

Strict Marriage

Baglāmēq Hūril is the harshest of the main branches of Aprēaq Hūril when it comes to marriage and the sacred vows that it involves. Any form of adultery, no matter the excuses, is a severe offense which in some lands is even warrants the death penalty. Even touching another person's spouse can be viewed with suspicion unless there was a valid reason for it.

Hermitic Halls

Just as Tīr Baglām ventured into the unknown and emerged reborn after the revelations that were shown to him, the followers of his teachings are heavily encouraged to venture out into the wilderness in search of the truth. The faithful have built hermitic halls for such journeys where travellers can contemplate in isolation without having to worry about the dangers of the wild and a lack of supplies.

Clerical Celibacy

Tīr Baglām believed that in order to devote one's life to God, a member of the clergy has to stay completely celibate, forsaking all vows of marriage and resisting their desires. A priest's love must be for Aprēa alone if they are to know her teachings and pass them onto others. Those who preach the holy words of the Lady of the Lake can expect harsh consequences for any type of fornication.
Founding Date
1429 AA
Religious, Organised Religion
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Aug 5, 2023 21:31 by Barron

A very neat organization. Love how you fleshed out the tenants. Some are a bit old fashioned, but non-violent proselytization is at least better than the alternative. Feels like a good fleshed out religion. Well done!

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