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The Decaying Home of the Rahigi

There's the pillar we've been looking for. If all goes well, a Rahigi group should arrive before dusk. Perhaps we'll cross this damned desert after all.
— Valīris Kagilopo, merchant from Alminthas
  The Rahigina is a vast desert in the northern reaches of the Ioratai subcontinent. Much of the area is fairly flat and without any distinguishing landmarks which has made habitation and travel in the land a significant challenge. Only the Rahigi people have tamed the dangers of the land. Their tribes roam across the dunes and allow trade to flow over their territory.  

Climate and Nature

Most of the Rahigina had once a cold semi-arid climate, but over the passage of centuries the sands from the south have kept expanding northward. Every new year, less and less rain water reaches the soil and much of the native wildlife has perished. Only a few areas have retained their semi-arid climate, but most of the land is now a desert. These more habitable reaches of the Rahigina are home to the sapblood trees, a vital resource to the natives of the area.   During the height of summer, temperatures in the Rahigina reach around 35°C on average. With the arrival of winter, those temperatures will fall to around 16°C. With the land being so flat and devoid of obstacles, sandstorms are also a common occurrence.  

Trade Routes

Trade between those east of the great gulf and those west of the desert is exceedingly rare. Crossing the sands is an arduous journey and eastern merchants are often unaware of what awaits them on the other side. Despite all those hurdles, there are still some who make the journey and reach the distant realms of Hlulane and Le Zhea.    
Orange Pumpkin by Jessica Lewis

Rahigi Guides

Without the help of Rahigi guides, access across their native lands would be impossible. Well-traveled individuals from different tribes have collaborated to build a network of pillars made from whatever they could get their hands on.   These markers allow the guides to find the right path across the land. Since the landscape changes constantly as the sand blows with the wind, new pillars are built regularly and they extend the old ones to make sure that they are visible.   The guides charge a hefty fee for their services and the wealth they’ve earned has given many of them respect and power among their people.
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Rahigi Sapblood Tree
Species | Jul 17, 2021

The Rahigi sapblood is a thin and short tree that grows in the Rahigina desert and provides people with arrow shafts and sap.

Ethnicity | Jul 13, 2021

The Rahigi are a nomadic people divided into multiple tribes who all dwell in the unforgiving wastes of the Rahigina desert.

Depthless Pits

The scorching sun, lack of water, sandstorms, and desperate tribesmen aren’t the only concerns that the people who live or travel there face. Dotted across the land are holes that lead to unknown depths. They are nearly impossible to see as they’re covered with sand.   Only by stepping on the surface above the hole will the ground beneath that unfortunate victim move. Those who fail to react with haste will plummet into a depthless pit from which there is no escape.


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Those depthless pits sound absolutely horrifying. D: I like the description of the sand slowly spreading throughout the years.

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