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Rahigi Sapblood Tree

Whatever you do, don’t lay a finger on those there trees. We are here to negotiate with these savages and I don’t fancy ending up in one of their stews just because you wanted to feel the texture of some tree’s bark.
— Valīris Kagilopo, merchant from Alminthas
  The Rahigi sapblood is a thin and relatively short tree that grows in the harsh sands of the Rahigina desert. The sapblood is highly valued by those who roam the inhospitable wastes because of the tree’s sap. Without it, many of those who call the sands their homes would lack vital nutrients and their populations would likely die out or be forced to migrate.  

Cultural significance

For as long as the Rahigi have delved in the great dunes, their people have always revered the sapblood trees. Even their ancient myths mention it and call it a tree of life that has nurtured their people. As the trees are rare and valuable, their people will guard the plant with their lives. The enemies of the Rahigi are well aware of this, and at times they have sought to destroy as many trees as possible. Each time, however, the Rahigi have rushed in defense and crushed the attackers.   While their people are normally divided into smaller tribes, an attack against the sapbloods is an attack on their whole people. Everyone fights as one on such occasions. To protect their trees, the Rahigi carefully harvest long straight branches from them to create arrows. They believe that in a way, the trees are defending themselves from aggression by arming their allies who can wield their wood for a noble cause.
c. 20 - 30 years
Conservation Status
Average Height
2 - 6 meters
Geographic Distribution

Decline in Numbers

According to the oldest tales that the Rahigi have about the sapbloods, the whole desert was once a green haven filled with trees.   As their stories progressed, the environment changed around them. All that was once green became covered under sand and most of the trees had died. All that remained was the sapblood, yet despite their enduring nature, even they are declining in numbers.   Rahigi stories from a century ago still mention orchards around oases, but that reality is long gone. The Rahigi fear that when the last of the trees dies, so too will their civilisation.


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Aug 9, 2021 12:05 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the significance these have to the Rahigi. I hope that they can figure out some way to make them less endangered.

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