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Empire of Le Zhea

Our illustrious leader has remained silent for centuries. I dare not question their reasoning, but our empire could use a firm hand that could guide it to its former glory.
— Governor Xianleipinzhou of Ke Lea
  Le Zhea, officially the Empire of Le Zhea, is a sovereign state in Western Lethea. The country is ruled by an ancient and powerful genetically engineered authoritarian ruled known simply as the Hei Ea. When the ruler is unavalible, the Teihua, a council of governors, administers the realm and takes on all of the Hei Ea's responsibilites. Le Zhea is all what's left of the once great Empire of Lethea, but they are still a force to be reckoned with and desire to reclaim their lost territories.   The capital of the Empire of Le Zhea is Phe Ko Ti and the country's other major cities are Tan Lea, Kora, and Bo Maz.  


In theory, the supreme ruler of the Empire of Le Zhea is the Hei Ea, a supposedly immortal and all-knowing monarch who has existed for thousands of years. The current Hei Ea had replaced the previous weak and decadent rulers of the Empire of Lethea giving way to the modern state of Le Zhea. In reality, the political situation of the empire is far different from what the common folk believe.   Their immortal ruler has been silent for centuries, locked away in their palace in isolation. When it had become clear that the Hei Ea wasn't planning on coming back out anytime soon, the leaders of Le Zhea's eleven governorates took control of the country.  
Le Zhea vassals


There are eleven administrative regions in Le Zhea that are ruled over by a local governor. These governors are genetically modifided to better suit their profession. All of them also serve in the Teihua, a secrative organisation that ruled over the Empire of Le Zhea and additionally has great sway over the government of the Kingdom of Hlulane.   Each governor has to find an heir for themselves. Usually, they sent out people to search for already talented children who will be forcefully taken from their families and interviewed. One of the children will then go through the necessary procedures required to modify them, and the rest will be either discarded or educated in other fields that best suit them.   A governor has to be in office until their retirement which will come after their 80th birthday. Many retired governors stay in the gubernatorial palace to advise their successor. Still, others also seek a quiet life out in the countryside where they can enjoy the rest of their lives free of politics.
List of Governorates
Administrative Division Governor Population Status
Le Phe Leituapoheizhi 369,312 Governorate
Ke Lea Xianleipinzhou 300,067 Governorate
Tai Xi Waetuomepahou 253,903 Governorate
Le Mai Ladeihwingnen 242,362 Governorate
Le Min Leimingyenpei 219,280 Governorate
An Xu Fuaxeiyanpingtuo 212,355 Governorate
Ai Ral Autangxenzaihea 196,198 Governorate
Le Ora Baizheiyangtea 161,575 Governorate
Hur Tu Leingtuopauxuan 150,034 Governorate
Ye Pha Quenzheitapeiea 133,876 Governorate
Xa Ria Yentaixhupei 69,246 Governorate




The Empire of Le Zhea is one of the only countries in the world that possesses a well-trained permanent army. What makes the sleeping giant of a fallen empire even more of a threat to the rest of the continent is that each soldier has been engineered for their tasks. Zhean soldiers are fearless. Their modifications allow them to stand their ground in the face of overwhelming odds when all others would flee. Their combat prowess is also better, but a dedicated unmodified geprati couldn't still beat them. The psychological modifications that affect them are far stronger and more reliable.  

Northern Defence Force

On the northern border of the empire, in Archon's Pass and along the Ba Ozi river guard the most veteran and elite of the nation's units. For as long as anyone can remember, the Northern Defence Force has maintained the ancient forts and watchtowers that defend the empire from the unknown of all that lies beyond the Divide.   For most, the army is their retirement after decades of service. Life is relatively peaceful, and the men sometimes forget their purpose, but then they get their reminders. Either a probing attack of aberati or full-scale invasions, all manner of monstrosities crawl out from beyond.
  What stops the Empire of Le Zhea from expanding and recovering their long lost glory, the great obstacle that is capable of defeating all of their armies, is the great Rahigina desert.   In the golden days of the Empire of Lethea, back when they owned nearly everything south of the Divide, the desert was green and fertile. All manner of civilisations thrived there, establishing vast states and great cities, all of which have been devoured by the endless sand and the passage of time.   Conquering the Rahigina had still been a challenge as the locals were fierce and determined to defend their homeland, but the harshness of the desert heat has proven to be a greater foe than any human army. The sands eat their armies alive. Lost and without supplies, all who march through will perish.
Even with all of our might, our technological power, and faith, we're still but ants next to the vast giant that is the Rahigina. Our only hope is to go around, but then we'd be fighting the sea.
— Governor Yentaixhupei of Xa Ria


The Empire of Le Zhea is a mostly homogenous society dominated by the native Zhean population. There does exist a considerable minoirty of Hasini, Nalako and Baqate peoples, but nearly all of them are slaves. The country's religious demographics are similar to the ethnic ones. Most people are Ryelists since that is the religion of the native Zheans, but their slaves still practise Khetmeratism.  

Lost Islanders

The homogenous isles of the Zheans weren't always so united in culture and language. Long ago, each island in what is now the Empire of Le Zhea had it's own language, culture and rich traditions. In the first years of the empire, the Hei Ea initiated a tragic project that sought to unify the realm in order to stop attempts at gaining autonomy or independence. Everyone who wasn't Zhean was forced to abandon their old ways and the tongue of their mothers. Anyone who dared to resist the brutal assimilation methods were violently put down, their families and friends punished with torture and death to dissuade future uprisings.   Eventually, after centuries of brutal oppression, the diversity of the isles perished. The traditions and languages of the lost islanders were recorded by Zhean scholars and then locked away safe within the imperial palace.   There are tales that claim that some of the other inhabitans of the islands survived and maintained their own ways of life by sailing north. It is inmpossible to tell whether they are true or not as what lies there is concidered too dangerous and the government and army of Le Zhea doesn't wanty to provoke what lies beyond.

Species Percentage
Humans 99%
Aberati 1%
Ethnicity Percentage
Zheans 89%
Hasini 5%
Nalako 4%
Baqate 1%
Others 1%
Religion Percentage
Ryelists 88%
Khetmeratists 9%
Others 2%
Irreligious 1%
Location of Le Zhea
Founding Date
3321 BA
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Ethnicities

Land area
20,609 mi²

Military (WIP)

Active Personnel
0.8% of Pop.
Active Units


Imperial Guard
General Manpower Units
- 5040 30
Name Type Tier
1st Imperial Arbalist Company LA Trained
69th Imperial Arbalist Company LA Trained
103rd Imperial Arbalist Company LA Trained
Le Phe Marksmen LA Trained
Tai Hi Huntsmen LA Veteran
Ke Lea Bowmen LA Veteran
Ironclad Squadron HC Trained
Steelhelm Squadron HC Trained
5th Lancer Squadron HC Veteran
Imperial Squadron HC Veteran
Hizhei Company HI Trained
Gonxai ho-Leia HI Trained
Yipin ho-Leia HI Trained
Nehatl Tlac Company HI Veteran
4th Imperial Guard Company MP Veteran
Protectors of the Holy Light ME Veteran
Sons of the Sun ME Veteran
55th Logistics Unit SP Trained
Wahen Teji SP Trained
Aizhuo Teji SP Trained
Sa Toi Pike Company PM Trained
1st Paihei Company PM Trained
2nd Paihei Company PM Trained
Yuan Ta Pikemen PM Trained
Gixhi ho-Pihe PM Trained
Tuan ho-Pihe PM Trained
Lauzhi ho-Pihe PM Trained
5th Imperial Pike Guard PM Trained
7th Imperial Pike Guard PM Trained
Le Zhea ho-Pihe PM Trained

Northern Defence Force
General Manpower Units
- 0 0
Name Type Tier
- - -

Hlulane Army
General Manpower Units
- 0 0
Name Type Tier
- - -

Army of Ra Hea
General Manpower Units
- 0 0
Name Type Tier
- - -


Hlulane, Le Zhea, and the Western Passages

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